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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Ups Mi .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Thursday 13th of June 2024 .

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UPS Mail Innovations


UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) has been a National Account of the United States Postal Service (USPS) colleague portion since 1997. Through this work-share organization, we give worldwide mail administrations. 

The program works this way: 

UPS MI gets the mail, measures (sorts) and transports your mail to the USPS. 

At that point:

The USPS acknowledges your mail piece and makes the last conveyance to your postage information.


About UPS Mail Innovation 

UPS Mail Innovations is an innovator in savvy and effective development of mail to in excess of 200 nations and domains. Joining the operational mastery and dependability of extremely old establishment with the most recent in mechanical development, our assisted mailing administrations are a characteristic expansion of UPS's imaginative answers for synchronize the universe of trade. 

We can give our clients postal administrations through our use of the United States Postal Service® (USPS®) work share program. With our operational efficiencies, we can acquire better postal rates for clients, while giving travel times that are similar to First-Class Mail 



With UPS Mail Innovations, you have a coordinations supplier who has the foundation, frameworks, and arrive at important to deal with your mail all through the whole cycle. With administrations and backing refined to work on high-volume mail intricacies and extraordinarily diminish mail arrangement, we can give considerable expense and execution upgrades. 

As an essential hotspot for high volume mailings, our broad organization of completely mechanized handling places is intended for speed and productivity - moving mail for enlistment inside the initial 24 to 48 hours after pickup and readiness. 

Regardless of whether sending letters locally or globally, our cycles are coordinated with the postal frameworks you need to rapidly arrive at every one of your objections. 



Homegrown Mail Services 

UPS Mail Innovations homegrown administrations depend on our broad organization and one of a kind work share program with the U.S. Postal Service. Since we perform capacities, for example, naming and arranging of qualified mail that would typically be dealt with by USPS, we can pass along diminished rates to our customers. 

Alongside our capacity to give cost investment funds, our UPS innovation empowers us to decrease dealing with, speed preparing and improve precision while finishing run of the mill USPS capacities. Overall, inside 24-48 hours of pickup. This improved interaction is point by point underneath: 


Adaptable pickups to address your issues 

Adaptable and numerous pickup plans oblige our clients' prerequisites, and permit them to send bigger volumes. 


Solid transportation by UPS 

Mail for public dissemination is handled, arranged, and arranged for transportation in uniquely planned air transportation compartments. Mail is then moved to its last objective for conveyance utilizing the strength and dependability of the UPS Air and Ground organization. 


Mechanized, one-quit handling 

During handling at our safe offices, mail is gauged, addresses are checked, following numbers are relegated and indicia are applied. All pieces go through an essential and optional sort before enlistment into the USPS®. 


Improved speed and precision 

Mail got at every one of our preparing offices is shipped and enlisted into USPS® objective offices inside 12 to 24 hours by and large. 


Solid Systems and Secure Facilities 

Broad arranging and control measures convey the security and unwavering quality you anticipate. Our handling framework is restrictive, and all security upkeep and backing of the framework is executed in-house with preventive support and all day, every day specialized help. 


Worldwide Mail Services 

Our International Mail Services can help make partaking in the worldwide economy simpler and more moderate by diminishing the intricacy and cost of mailing to in excess of 200 nations and regions. By depending on UPS Mail Innovations for preparing and transportation, clients can understand critical work and cost investment funds. 

Taking care of both need and economy classes of global mail, UPS Mail Innovations has a period on the way record that is one to four days quicker than other worldwide mail specialist organizations. 

Consider the accompanying benefits mailing globally with UPS Mail Innovations: 

Experience demonstrated speed and dependability 

We give similar degree of exceptional speed and administration for global mailings as we do with homegrown mail. Once in our office, we measure and convey to worldwide postal specialists inside 24 hours. 


Lessen costs with worked on global postage 

UPS Mail Innovations helps save our clients up to 25 percent or more on most global mail. Furthermore, when we decide the territories a client boats to the most, we can furnish them with one postal rate to deliver anyplace on the planet. 


Acknowledge expanded proficiency 

Exclusive innovation empowers us to deal with mail, create shows and alarm worldwide postal specialists, rearranging and assisting overall conveyance. Our top of the line administration travel times normal 4 to 8 days, while economy administrations normal 7 to 14 days. 


Redone for your requirements 

We offer a wide scope of worldwide mailing choices that lessen responsibility and expenses, regardless of whether our clients are transporting five pounds or 1,000,000 pounds. 


Worth added administrations 

Extra administrations intended to expand adaptability and improve current and future precision incorporate redid the executives reports, the capacity to stamp mail in whatever country you pick, and the programmed refreshing of mailing records from undeliverable mail information. 


Returns Mail Services 

Administration Description 

UPS Mail Innovations® Returns empowers purchasers to return stock through the U.S. Postal Service®. It is an affordable and productive postal return arrangement that incorporates highlights, for example, a simple to-utilize mark, numerous postal drop-off focuses, reliable travel times and exact tracking through 

UPS Mail Innovations Returns use the USPS® for the "main" mile of parcel recovery and joins it with the UPS Mail Innovations conveyance organization to get, sort, transport, and make the last conveyance of the prepaid return parcel back to the transporter. 

Access channels include: Residential letter boxes, Postal assortment boxes, Local mail centers, approved postal help outlets, and a booked transporter pickup through 


• A simple to-utilize name. 

• Easy access for purchasers - different postal drop-off focuses. 

• Detailed tracking and perceivability for transporters and their clients at 

• Reliable and steady time on the way; improved inbound tasks arranging and stock administration. 

• Customized conveyance alternatives, for example, item parts or palletization. 

• UPS innovation stages and choices for producing dispatching marks. 

• Operational adaptability for the conveyance of bigger number of profits. 


This help is most appropriate for "lightweight" (under five pounds), lower-esteem shipments that can fit in a post box and are machinable. The ideal transporter will have a normal postal return volume of at least 200 parcels each day. 


How it functions 

At the point when the shopper tenders the parcel to the U.S. Postal Service, the USPS will check the parcel and tell UPS Mail Innovations electronically that the parcel is prepared for pickup. UPS Mail Innovations Returns will get parcels from the U.S. Postal Service Sectional Center Facilities (SCFs) every day and utilize the UPS Mail Innovations network for conveyance of the prepaid return parcel back to the transporter.


What is UPS Mail Innovations? 

UPS Mail Innovations is a joined exertion among UPS and USPS. With UPS Mail Innovations, parcels are gotten by UPS and conveyed to you by USPS. Sifting your orders by Zone inside ShippingEasy can assist you with deciding whether UPS Mail Innovations is the right help for delivery your parcels. This help takes into consideration more adaptable and advantageous conveyances. 


Why use UPS Mail Innovations? 

UPS Mail Innovations can be utilized to focus endeavors among UPS and USPS. By getting up satisfaction community and working with USPS, UPS Mail Innovations can get to neighborhood or less available centers. 

At the point when UPS Mail Innovations gets from the satisfaction community and hands off your parcel to USPS, they would then be able to convey it straightforwardly to your delivery address or P.O. box. 

UPS client service:1-800-742-5877 


Are there any restrictions? 

With any powerful assistance, particularly between two separate organizations, you ought to make sure to monitor your parcels.

In some cases with UPS Mail Innovations when your parcels are given off to USPS, there can be a deferral or a deficiency of capacity to track your parcel. UPS Mail Innovations encourages you to anticipate that your package should show up ordinarily as this has been known to occur. 

UPS Mail Innovations doesn't work on ends of the week. Make certain to design appropriately in the event that you need your shipments to get to your customers around that time. 

UPS doesn't give any inclusion to UPS Mail Innovation shipments. You can, in any case, purchase protection through Shipsurance, our accomplice for shipment protection. 

Since UPS Mail Innovations is a contracted assistance, UPS doesn't uphold making a paid ahead of time UPS Mail Innovations bring mark back. 


What amount of time does it require? 

UPS Mail Innovations drafts the parcel into the U.S. Postal Service inside 48 hours of preparing. USPS will at that point convey the parcel in 3-5 days by and large.

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