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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Bpost .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Monday 15th of July 2024 .

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What is BPost?  

Belgium's major postal service, bpost, provides cross-border business logistics and parcels delivery across Europe, North America and Asia. Bpost, that is the brand name for the Belgian Post Group, is additionally the most utilized postal service in its local country.  

The global flaunts in excess of 35,000 workers both in Belgium and around the world, associating customers and organizations through its exhaustive mail and package delivery and trade logisticsservice. Bpost's primary courierand delivery rivals in Europe incorporate Deutsche Post, TNT and Postnord.  


How does bpost work with other couriers to deliver mail?

The way that bpost has a presence in Europe, North America, and Asia is proof that it works on a genuinely worldwide scale, which means added incentive for clients who decide to ship with bpost. It additionally implies that bpost is engaged with deliveries on an incomplete or last-mile premise, implying that parcels shipped with bpost may not venture to every part of the full distance with the organization and in fact, parcels shipped with different couriers may make a portion of their excursion with bpost, in an orchestrated logistics association. If so, then, at that point you should utilize a multi-courier tracking apparatus to monitor your parcels.  


Where is bpost located?  

Bpostoffices are in various global areas, including for North America, Asia, and obviously Europe. Nonetheless, its headquarters are as yet found where it was established, in Brussels at the Muntcenter (Bisschopsstraat). Be that as it may, bpost's many premises situated all throughout the planet all fill various needs and capacities and they are generally not straightforwardly engaged with bpostshipping services or bpostparcel delivery capacities. Some are office spaces that are simply in charge of running the site, or manage HR, etc. In this way, when tracking a bpostparcelyou should take note of that a parcel won't really go through a particular bpost address, regardless of whether it is near your home, as the bpost area may not be engaged with bpostparcel delivery.  


What is the history of bpost?  

In early 2000, Belgian Post changed from a public venture to a public restricted liability organization. After six years, an association agreement was made with Post Danmark and CVC Capital Partners, in which an arrangement was endorsed with the Belgian Government, and the two gained around 50% of the Belgian Post for a detailed figure of nearly 300 million euros. Post Danmark was been chosen by the Belgian Government for the organization since it perceived that it could help essentially streamlineBpost. Today, that arrangement is as yet moving, with the intend to be for bpost to be among the main postal services in Europe.  

Furthermore, BPost worldwide group has additionally put resources into incorporating maintainability into its crux, with an eco-minded, planet-friendly methodology, which is mainstream among clients and investors.  


What sort of services does bpost offer?  

Bpost offers various core services, which incorporate domestic bpostparcel, package and letter sending, global shipping, e-commerce logistics solutions, packaging (in the event that you don't have your own to give) among different services.  

Just as postal services and last-mile courier delivery, bpost additionally offers direct advertising, insurance alternatives, banking facilities, and electronics related services in what is an undeniably serious EU market.  


How huge is bpost?  

As of late, bpost (the Belgian Post Group) has produced turnovers of in excess of 4,150 million euros from its overall tasks and is probably the biggest employer in Belgium.  

Bpost is progressively utilized by e-tailers and online vendors as an answer for the transportation and delivery of e-commerce orders. As new online marketplaces and e-shops keep on bringing new accessibility for items from across the world, the interest for global shipping has developed dramatically. Bpost is one of the global postal services which has gotten basic for the forwarding and delivery of shipments from e-commerce communities like China, to Europe and North America.  


What amount of time does BPost require?  

BPostdelivery time is controlled by the size, weight, and service (which will, thus, decide the transportation strategy) for each package. On the bpost site, you should enter this data before a precise assessed delivery time for your bpostparcel can be fabricated.  

As a general rule, all bpostpackages are delivered locally by the following working day. As indicated by the organization, more than 90% of the parcels sent with bpost are delivered inside this time span.  

The BPost worldwide shipping time can fluctuate from 10 to 25 days relying upon the destination. The time contrast between sending a bpost bundle to Asia than to send it to North America will clearly be unique.  

When sending a bundle with bpost, purchasers should remember that the most extreme load of a parcel ready to be sent by bpost is 30 Kg, and the greatest size is 150 cm.  


Can I send a parcel internationally with BPost?

Just as being one of the biggest postal administrators in its establishing nation, Belgian, BPost likewise offers bpost global parcel deliveryservices to somewhere in the range of 27 nations around the world.  

The bpost global parcel deliveryservice is pretty much as clear as sending a parcel locally and requires a similar arrangement. To send a parcel universally with bpost, you will simply have to ensure you have the beneficiary location, satisfactory packaging (or you can buy packaging from bpost), and know your closest bpost drop-off hub.  


Does BPost deliver on weekends?

Not at all like other postal organizations that don't show up on Saturday or Sunday, BPost makes deliveries on Saturdays. Be that as it may, Saturday bpost deliveries do accompany a 2euro expense on top of the parcel's unique cost.  

Be that as it may, bpost does in any case not deliver on Friday, so assuming you need a parcel to be delivered by the following working day, in spite of the fact that you can send parcels on Saturday they won't be delivered until Monday. In the event that you need a parcel delivered through on Saturday, you can submit it to bpost eventually on Friday and expect a Saturday delivery once the additional charge is paid (and giving that the weight and measurements of the parcel don't surpass the greatest sum as is expressed on the site).  


Is BPost costly?  

In the event that you need to send a parcel to Belgium, the delivery costs start from 4.40 euros. Be that as it may, in case you are keen on sending a parcel to one more piece of the world, the worldwide assistance costs start from 9.95 euros. Costs will increment as the weight and size increment on your parcel, with costs likewise relying upon the distance that your parcel should head out to arrive at its destination just as the technique for transportation. Slow transportation techniques, (for example, by rail and sea), will by and large be less expensive as they take longer. While quicker strategies for transportation utilized by bpost, for example, via air, will be more costly yet should offer a lot more tighterdelivery turnaround on a bpostpackage. The value you decide to pay will rely upon your inclinations concerning the previously mentioned.  


How might I contact BPost?  

You can contact the bpostparcel deliveryservice straight by telephone line. There are two direct numbers, one which is a private individual number (02 278 50 44) for singular clients needing to question a solitary parcel and the other is a business number (02 201 11) for commercial queries. Underneath you can track down the opening times of their call habitats.  

Monday to Friday in the mornings between 8 am and 12.30 pm. Then, at that point 13.00 pm to 18.00 pm in the evening.  

Saturday somewhere in the range of 09.00 and 13.00. The telephone lines are shut in the afternoon.  

If it's not too much trouble, note, holding up time might shift, zonal rates will apply, and global calls will be unable to associate. In case you are attempting to interface from abroad, you can likewise contact bpost on the web, through a contact form which you can discover on their authority site.


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