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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Emirates Post .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Saturday 20th of July 2024 .

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What is Empost? 

Empost Courier service is the authority postal organization of the United Arab Emirates. This organization is additionally an auxiliary of the Emirates Post Group that is a holding organization set up in 2007, framed by other postal administrators. This organization is the fundamental postal director of the country, which regulates most piece of the national and global conveyances of the country. 

Emirates Post was established in the year 1909. In the first place, it was administered by the Courier Services Office of India. After the United Arab Emirates' autonomy, Empost began to work under the course of the Ministry of Communications of the country. Be that as it may, the organization turned into a piece of the Emirates Post Group, and its tasks quit being controlled by the UAE government. 

The headquarters of Empost are situated in Deira, Dubai. From that point, Emirates Post deals with every one of the shipments and conveyances, cooperating with Emirates and Emirates SkyCargo, the airlines claimed by similar Emirates Group. 


How would I track my shipment from Empost? 

Emirates Post gives quite possibly the most current and refined conveyance benefits from one side of the planet to the other. From the gathering of the bundle to the snapshot of conveyance, going through every one of the middle of the road measures, Empost watches and cares intently each and every package. Thusly, the organization guarantees the security and honesty of the bundles. 

During the receipt of the item, Empost packs it and names it with the Empost Dubai tracking number that permits the organization to register all the data identified with the bundle. The personality of the sender and collector, the movement course, flight time, and assessed appearance time is enlisted under that tracking number. 

The customer gets the tracking code number, so he can go to the Empost official website page to track the shipment. Such a site has a parcel monitor that works by presenting the tracking code of the bundle, making an Empost online tracking process. There, the website page will give all the data on the bundle progressively. 



Does Empost convey globally? 

The Emirates Post conveyance service covers in excess of 200 destinations everywhere. They predominantly work these shipments with the Emirates airline and the Emirates SkyCargo, which transports heavier conveyances, as certain orders in mass and other heavyweight orders. 

By and by, due to the worldwide pandemic delivered by COVID-19 of every 2020, numerous services all throughout the planet have been put under specific limitations. Global conveyances are one of these. Thus, the Emirates Post had briefly diminished its norm and express global postal services to a couple of nations in Europe in 2020. These regions included spots like Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, The United Kingdom, Portugal, and some others. 

Furthermore, for national and global conveyances, Empost sets a few conditions that bundles should go through. For instance, the most extreme package measurements ought not surpass 1.5 meters, the length and periphery should be under 3 meters, and the weight needs to remain under 30 Kg. Nonetheless, for national delivery, the most extreme weight can't be more than 20 Kg. 


What amount of time does it require for the Emirates Post to convey? 

Empost offers different classes of conveyance that change in expenses and transportation time. These classes are: 

  1. The Premium service 
  2. The express service 
  3. The standard service. 

For domestic shipments, the conveyance time can go from that very day with Premium class, up to three working days utilizing the standard service. 

The Empost conveyance system is a standout amongst other postal services all throughout the planet on account of its speed and service quality. However, worldwide conveyances set aside more effort to show up at the destination. Once more, the three choices decide the conveyance season of a bundle. The top notch class guarantees a conveyance season of 3 work days greatest, while the standard service conveys a package in a time of 21 working days most extreme. 

Other postal organizations decide their conveyance times relying upon the bundle highlights. Things like weight, size, and kind of item are key variables while assessing an appearance time. Since Empost sets a few principles for worldwide transportation, these variables don't decide the appearance time. Moreover, the Empost shipment tracking is accessible for a wide range of service, from standard to Premium. 


Is the Emirates Post costly? 

The expenses of the Empost conveyance service change contingent upon a wide range of elements. Albeit these conditions don't decide the delivery time, they do with the costs. Emirates Post computes the costs of the conveyances as indicated by the qualities of the package. They consider things like the weight, the size, the circumference, the class of the article, and numerous others. 

Furthermore, the sort of service utilized is a significant factor that decides the last levy. Premium services guarantee a quicker conveyance time by addressing a greater expense, while the standard service is less expensive, however bundles set aside more effort to show up at the last destination. 

The other factor is the distance to cover. For national conveyances, the expenses are lower than for worldwide shipments. For a standard bundle of 1 Kg, the expenses can reach $100 with the premium service in national routes. The conveyance of similar bundle for global courses can go from $24 with the standard support of $87 utilizing the EMS. 

Other than the Empost tracking bundle service, the Empost site has a calculator that gives an expected expense for national and global conveyances. The client should present the measurements and weight of the bundle, notwithstanding the last destination. From that point forward, the number cruncher gives an expected outcome for the economy, standard, express, and premium services. 


How would I contact Empost? 

The site page gives all the contact subtleties of the organization. They have email addresses to get letters with ideas, destinations, and questions. Additionally, the site has the Empost Dubai contact number to take care of urgent calls and worries of the customers. The Emirates Post laborers are consistently accessible for reacting to the client's calls and emails to offer solutions and hearing the customers. Empost is portrayed for its brilliant client service, so clients can completely trust the organization.

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