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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Fastway Au .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Tuesday 18th of June 2024 .

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Aramex Australia (formerly Fastway AU)

Fastway Couriers is a dispatch conveyance administrations organization settled in Napier, New Zealand. The organization at present works in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Northern Ireland and South Africa 

The organization has worked as an establishment since 1983, with diversifying at the provincial and dispatch level. The organization was gained by Aramex in 2016. Aramex is in the best five of transport and coordinations players around the world. 

As a component of the securing by Aramex, Fastway is in the progress of rebranding to Aramex in select areas like Australia and New Zealand.

Fastway AU Tracking - Track any Fastway AU bundle with our incorporated following help, joining data from different sources, while your package makes a trip from China to Australia. 

About Aramex Australia 

It was in 1983 that New Zealander, Bill McGowan, saw a business opportunity for a privately claimed and worked messenger organization to give dependable dispatch administrations to organizations in the Hawke's Bay locale. With an energy for cargo and coordinations, and a 'amuse the client at the entryway' mindset, the Fastway Couriers brand was conceived. 

In 1993 Fastway started working in Australia and more than 20 years after the fact Fastway turned out to be essential for the Aramex family, a main worldwide supplier of complete coordinations and transportation arrangements situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

Aramex network incorporates 29 local establishments and more than 900 establishment accomplices the nation over, from Cairns to Perth and wherever in the middle. 

With Parcels application, you can follow the Aramex Australia (Fastway AU) shipments, just as any bundle transported from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia.

To use off the enthusiasm, development and openings that Aramex presents, in 2019 we started a total re-brand making the progress from Fastway Couriers to Aramex Australia official. 

In spite of the fact that we actually offer a similar agreeable assistance, we have a range of new freedoms accessible for clients huge and little.

Our clients 

We're glad to be the dispatch specialist organization of decision to more than 95,000 clients; huge and little across the globe. 

In Australia, our clients come from an immense scope of ventures from online retailers and wine traders to writing material and electrical providers. 

Naked Wines 

The Aramex administration is a basic piece of the Naked Wines insight for most of our clients. As a 100% online retailer, it is the Aramex Courier who we rely upon not exclusively to convey in a convenient way according to clients' directions, yet to basically be the substance of Naked Wines at the most satisfying client contact point, when our hand-created wine is conveyed. 

The Aramex cooperation with us on answers for upgrade our client suggestion and keep up our upper hand from distribution center to front entryway. This drives the setting of conveyance assumptions with our clients as well. Through a sound working relationship, comprehension of our business and continuous obligation to upgrade and advance, we consider Aramex to be a critical accomplice in working with us as we keep on developing.


Aramex natural explanation 

Aramex is focused on limiting its natural impression and lessening its Greenhouse Gas discharges through various ventures and activities, including sustainable power, green structure, elective energizes and operational proficiency. 

As a worldwide association working in more than 600 urban areas across 65 nations, we know about our operational effects on the climate; we perceive that it is our duty to diminish our utilization of characteristic assets, lessen our waste frameworks and utilize inexhaustible and maintainable assets and fuel sources. 

We are a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and are focused on Goal 13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals; Climate Action. 

Clean energy 

We have put resources into two sun based homesteads in Amman, Jordan and Dubai, UAE, and started the establishment of a third site in Dubai in 2019. The 1.2MW sun oriented homestead in Amman powers 90% of the necessities of Aramex Jordan while the 3.2MW office in Dubai has diminished the utilization of the focused on distribution center by 60%. The third 3.2 MW sun oriented homestead in Dubai will situated on Aramex UAE's distribution centers in Dubai Logistics City. This sunlight based homestead is projected to deliver sufficient energy to cover an overabundance. 

Low Emission Vehicle Fleet 

Overabundance power produced from our sun based ranch in Jordan has been used to extend our electric vehicle armada. 15% of our armada in Jordan are currently completely fueled by clean sustainable power. We have been trying electric vehicles in Aramex KSA and intend to extend the utilization of electric vehicles to different nations of activity where innovation and guidelines are set up. We will probably change over most of our armada into completely electric vehicles in the coming 5 years. 

Our 2019 Achievements include: 

  1. 22% expansion in reusing
  2. 29 % decreased Electricity for every Shipment (contrasted with 2012 standard)
  3. 22% Reduced Fuel per Shipment (contrasted with 2012 benchmark)
  4. 6,361,248 kWh were created by producing power through our sunlight based ranches in Amman and Dubai
  5. 42% decrease of CO2 per shipment (contrasted with 2012 benchmark)

Our obligation to diminishing negative ecological effects is a center business esteem that channels all through our whole worldwide organization. With our obtaining of Aramex Australia and Aramex New Zealand (some time ago Fastway Couriers), we have extended our inclusion as well as our natural vision to the Pacific area. 

Lessening Emissions 

  1. In our center and talked model, every dispatch works their select domain day by day; our Courier Franchisees load their vehicles with cargo to convey, and get packages for conveyance from clients in a similar excursion. This multi-reason activity permits us to build proficiency and diminishes our Scope 1 fossil fuel byproducts.
  2. Electronic forklifts have supplanted customary diesel controlled forklifts and lessen our Scope 1 fossil fuel byproducts.
  3. We likewise expect to supplant all gas-controlled forklifts with electrical forklifts.


  1. Customary plastic bags are 100% recyclable, and now contain 80% reused materials. This has forestalled 5,000 Kg of new plastic entering the climate. The handbags can right now be reused by means of delicate plastics reusing stations.
  2. In New Zealand biodegradable travel bags are accessible across our whole size run and have been ensured to biodegrade inside 180 days in home treating the soil conditions.


  1. Our corporate administrative center has a vigorous reusing program where paper, plastics, glass, e-waste and lithium batteries are reused. 
  2. Our tentative arrangements for the area include: 
  3. Introducing sun powered boards on Aramex (Brisbane) and Aramex (Sydney) warehouse structures. This will diminish our reliance on petroleum products and decrease both our Scope 1 and Scope 2 fossil fuel byproducts.
  4. When on-boarding with Aramex Courier Franchisees are needed to start activity with a vehicle that is under 5 years of age. We are pursuing supplanting our armada so all vehicles are no more established than 5 years - this will guarantee that our armada stays current, and exploits expanding efficiencies inside the engine business. We will likewise be commanding that all redesigns are low discharge vehicles.
  5. We expect to initiate a preliminary utilizing electric vehicles.
  6. Building up a reusing activity, where our stops will go about as an assortment point for handbags. Clients will actually want to return their pre-owned bags to our warehouses and we will organize them to be reused.


Blu Couriers 

Blu Couriers is Aramex's publicly supported conveyance model that takes advantage of the Aramex organization and innovations, giving people the chance to chip away at their own terms, conveying bundles around the country.

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