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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Exapaq .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Sunday 21st of July 2024 .

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DPD France (formerly Exapaq)


What is DPD? 

Established in France in 1999 as Dynamic Parcel Distribution (DPD), the organization is presently the second-biggest bundle conveyance network across Europe. Just as covering its nation of beginning, France, and Europe, DPD likewise offers global shipment alternatives to Asia, Africa, and other worldwide objections through its different associations with worldwide dispatch organizations and furthermore its all the more universally orientated auxiliaries. 

Today, DPD is essential for the DPD Group, which claims, is in organization with, and shares logistics activities with numerous various dispatches, which has guaranteed the development of the organization's conveyance capacity around the world. DPD is possessed by La Poste and is important for La Poste's global arm GeoPost. DPD's fundamental rivals in Europe are TNT and DHL. 

The thought behind the production of DPD was to accelerate the conveyance interaction by preparing bundles quicker whenever they have arrived at a DPD terminal station. Maybe than the conventional strategy for keeping packages inside the compartment cargo station, upon appearance, bundles are quickly dispatched. (Compartment Freight Station and alludes to a distribution center where payload that has a place with numerous fare and merchants. A CFS is regularly claimed by a transportation line and is answerable for customs check methodology.) 

In this regard, the shipment no longer hangs tight for endorsement at CFS, however it gets conveyed quicker to the proprietor. The bundle generally arrives at the port terminal and is conveyed to the client around the same time or inside 72 hours. The DPD administrations make the development and conveyance of the transfer more straightforward. The disappointing snapshots of speculating the conveyance date are over when you are utilizing the DPD administrations. 


Where does my DPD bundle go through? 

Albeit the organization is situated in France, with it's base camp situated in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, your DPD package can go through any of its worldwide stations. 

It ought to be noticed that DPD doesn't transport or handle packages at its French central command. At the point when DPD gets a package it will move it along the quickest course to its last objective, and it doesn't have to go through a specific point before it is prepared, however it is rather handled at one of its many handling nations around Europe and the world. In this manner, in the event that you are tracking a DPD package, you ought not really hope to see the central command address, or any DPD office address, as a feature of the bundle's excursion. 


How would I find my DPD package? 

DPD dispatching administrations incorporate bundles and merchandise tracking. The DPD global positioning framework can be found on its site and can track items along their excursion straight up to the point they arrive at their last objective. The purchaser or dealer of the transfer can remain refreshed on the whereabouts of their merchandise whenever and however many occasions as they like utilizing this technique. 

In any case, purchasers should take note of that the tracking through the DPD site just permits you to enter DPD tracking numbers. DPD can't track a tracking number that has not been given by DPD itself. Additionally, if a tracking number of a specific bundle ought to shift as it changes hands among DPD and nearby messenger benefits, the DPD tracking site could experience trouble keeping clients 100% exceptional on the advancement of their package. 


What amount of time does DPD require to convey?

The DPD administrations are known to be on schedule and solid, with DPD bundle conveyance ordinarily occurring on a similar date of appearance to the port terminal. Purchasers and venders should note, nonetheless, that conveyance time relies upon the distance and the delivery alternatives picked by the sender. When buying DPD conveyance benefits, the purchaser will be met with different alternatives which range in cost contingent upon the time span they want for conveyance. The alternative picked by the purchaser will likewise thusly choose the transportation technique, with quicker transportation choices typically done via air or street, and more slow conveyance choices via train or ocean. Notwithstanding, DPD will generally give you an expected conveyance date. The tracking are the normal conveyance times according to the fluctuating DPD administrations on offer: 

  1. Conveyance administrations and times: 
  2. Standard bundle section: 24-72 hours 
  3. Express bundle section: 
  4. 1-day homegrown market 
  5. 1-multi day for global 

Kindly note the accompanying: 

  1. DPD conveyances regularly take a limit of 72 hours to be conveyed 
  2. Normally homegrown packages are followed through around the same time 
  3. Worldwide bundles can require over 24 hours. 
  4. Conveyance of DPD bundles happens during daytime hours. 
  5. Conveyance on Saturdays most regularly happens toward the beginning of the day 
  6. Sundays and occasions conveyance are accessible for just select administrations or in crises 
  7. While DPD covers most objections around the world, it is in every case best to check with DPD to check whether your bundle can be conveyed to your ideal objective. 


How would I contact DPD straightforwardly? 

The DPD support group can be arrived at all day, every day on the web or on its complementary phone number during working hours. Presently, you can likewise contact DPD on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Whatsapp, in spite of the fact that reaction times may shift. For more data, head to the DPD site straightforwardly to track down the most ideal choice for you. 

At the point when you call, make a point to have your bundle tracking number convenient, as it will assist them with recognizing which package you are objecting to. At times, you may likewise require your buy reference number when getting some information about your DPD shipment. 


Does DPD convey house to house? 

DPD administration clients can browse an assortment of conveyance choices on offer. You can pick either home or office conveyance, or decide to get your bundle from your closest DPD stop. 

On the off chance that you are not at the conveyance address to gather your package, DPD will protect your bundle at the closest station and inform you of the endeavored conveyance should nobody be in to get it. At that point, it will offer a progression of alternatives for redelivery or it very well may be gotten from the station it has been returned to. 


Is GeoPost and DPD Group possessed by La Poste? 

For its global conveyances, La Poste, which is France's driving homegrown postal administrations administrator, utilizes GeoPost. GeoPost is a holding organization claimed by Le Groupe La Poste, with DPD Group being the bundle conveyance organization of GeoPost. 


How might Itrack my bundle DPD? 

Tracking your DPD package should be possible utilizing the tracking number, which will be given by the merchant when a request has been bought. The merchant will for the most part give the tracking number immediately, and you will get it either on the eCommerce site or commercial center you purchased your request or in the buy affirmation email. After the checkout stage checks the "my orders" part of the site page you are utilizing. 


In spite of the fact that it will make you aware of which blend of numbers and letters your tracking number is, it merits understanding what the normal DPD tracking number is to assist you with bettering this significant number. Consequently, kindly track down the normal DPD package tracking numbers beneath: 

DPD tracking number organization ordinarily comprises of numbers. There are 4 sorts of basic DPD tracking number configurations: 

The most widely recognized tracking number configuration is 12 digits, for example, 000 486 000 395. 

Be that as it may, there can likewise be 

  1. 10 digits 
  2. 14 digits 
  3. 14 digits + 1 letter/digit 

An illustration of these varieties can be found underneath: 

  1. 05295847519602
  2. 05227990495890
  3. 05228928457282P

(Kindly note) DPD tracking numbers will almost consistently be made out of 11 to 15 characters, including the two numbers and in some cases letters. In the event that you mind the worldwide bundles transporting segment of the DPD site, it should show tracking data for a DPD package.

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