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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Posti .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Thursday 13th of June 2024 .

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Thinking about the Postal service of Finland promptly alludes to Posti, the main organization in this country with 400 years of history connected to astounding postal services, bundle conveyance, and cargo services, among others. 


What is Posti? 

Posti is the main organization in Finland Post delivery. During its long history, Posti has been committed to the postal conveyance service which incorporates: letters, distributions, and the conveyance of bundles, with an effective system so their clients can generally track your Posti bundle. 

Posti has figured out how to fabricate the biggest network, offering its types of service to Finland around 3,000,000 homes and organizations each week. This Finnish based postal organization has tasks in eight nations: Russia, Norway, Estonia, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, and obviously Finland. 

Among the tasks with which Posti has figured out how to improve on the existences of millions, we can make reference to: 

  1. Posti shipping
  2. Transport of goods
  3. Parcels and e-commerce
  4. Aditro Logistics
  5. Transval
  6. Itella Russia

Quite possibly the most liked benefits of Posti Finland tracking is that through this help they can know about the situation with their shipments. 


How can I track my bundle from Posti?

From the Posti page, clients can enter the ID related with the thing to Posti Finland tracking. Through this ID, this organization of Finland Post delivery permits knowing where and when the bundle was last enlisted. 

Among different alternatives, Posti offers its clients the choice to download the OmoPosti application, so you can track your Posti bundle and even track bundles that have not been sent by Posti. Another benefit is that the application will advise you when you can get your request. They can likewise keep their invoices and letters on record in one spot. 

Posti additionally puts your Posti Finland contact number so both organizations and people can play out their Posti Finland tracking on their bundles and items: +358200 77000 and 0600 94320


Where does Posti can convey? 

Send a bundle with Finland Post is workable for the remainder of Finland just as for different nations, as Finland Post transportation additionally incorporates worldwide conveyance for nations like the United-States, Great-Britain, Japan, Germany, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Greece, among numerous others. Simply select the destination nation and you will have admittance to a comprehensive table of expenses by weight and size of the bundle. 

On account of national bundles, Posti demonstrates on its site that they can be left in a locker or likewise in a Posti store. The conveyance time for these things is 2 to 3 days. What's more, clients can generally track your Posti bundle from the site or the OmoPosti application. 

In 2020, because of the worldwide Pandemic with the Covid-19, certain limitations had been set up in certain spaces and nations. You can check straightforwardly on the page about postal outstanding circumstances. 


What amount of time does the Finland Post require to convey? 

Finland Post transportation will be delimited by the destination to which the Posti dispatching is being made. The Posti conveyance time for the Baltic nations is generally 1 to 2 working days, while on account of the Nordic nations it takes 2 to 5 days. For the remainder of Europe, the time is from 3 to 7 working days and from 6 to 14 days for the remainder of the nations of the world. 

Expedited service on account of the EU, for instance, is 1 to 3 working days and for the remainder of the world, it will take 2 to 8 working days. 

Posti accentuates on its site that the conveyance times are demonstrative and that there will be far off nations on which there are no settled dates. Nonetheless, clients can generally have data to track your Posti bundle. 

Posti welcomes its clients to know that there might be sure traditions and assessment conventions in the destination nations that can defer conveyance. 


Does Posti deliver on Saturday? 

Conveyances in Posti are planned inside the functioning days of the week. Along these lines, the organization doesn't have an end of the week conveyance service as of now. For more data about the conveyance service, kindly utilize the Posti Finland contact area on their site. 


Is the Post of Finland costly? 

Posti Finland costs will rely to a great extent upon the destination and the weight and size with regards to a bundle. At the point when you put in a request you will actually want to make a determination of the space or country you need to ship off, and it will naturally produce a crate with data connected to the various expenses. 

The cost of your shipment can be found in the pre-determined value records, so it is consistently significant that the client knows about this. Post of Finland costs for instance: 

  • For postcards in Finland, the expense is typically 1,75€.
  • On the off chance that it weighs 100 grams it costs 3.50€.
  • On the off chance that it weighs 500 it costs 7€.

On account of bundles, Posti has significant comprehensive data in which clients can discover the rates by weight and size, both for domestic and worldwide shipments. 

For instance for a national  XXS shipment of a 2 kg bundle with measurements of 35x25x 3cm, the Post of Finland costs will be 4,90€. 

In the event that the bundle is M with measurements of 19x36x60 cm and with a last weight of 35 kg, the cost will be 7,90€. 

In the two circumstances, clients have the choice to leave the bundle at a package point or a Posti store, with a conveyance that will be powerful from 1 to 3 working days. 

For more data, we welcome you to visit the site where you can learn exhaustively pretty much every one of the services and paces of this postal organization. 


How would I contact Posti? 

In the event that you wish to contact Posti client support, Posti proposes to organizations the number +358200 77000 with scheduled service from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Private clients can connect through the number 0600 94320 to manage everything identified with letters, stamps, and mailboxes. 

The consideration is from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Charges per call.

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