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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Postnl International .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Saturday 20th of July 2024 .

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PostNL earlier TNT NV is a mail, bundle and online business company with tasks in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. It gives widespread conveyance in the Netherlands, and is openly recorded at Euronext Amsterdam. The organization was known as TNT NV until TNT Express was isolated from it in May 2011, and the rest of the organization was renamed PostNL. 




PostNL, some time ago known as Koninklijke TNT Post, has been doled out by the Dutch government to complete the UPD (UniverselePostdienst, Dutch for Universal Postal Service). Doing the UPD needs, in addition to other things, PostNL to convey mail all through the Netherlands five days every week (Tuesday through Saturday) and to keep up enough letter drops in the country. 

AutoriteitConsument and Markt is accused of observing and upholding the execution by PostNL. 


Rest of Europe 

PostNL works in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. The organization kept on utilizing the TNT Post name in these nations soon after the demerger, in concurrence with TNT Express that it would rebrand before the finish of 2014. Toward the finish of 2013, its Belgian activities were likewise rebranded as PostNL. 

Dynamite Post Germany was rebranded as Postcon in March 2014, and in May TNT Post Italy was rebranded Nexive, utilizing a similar logo style as its parent PostNL. 

Dynamite Post UK was rebranded as Whistl in September 2014, and in October 2015 PostNL sold a dominant part stake in the organization to its administration in an administration buyout. In August 2019, PostNL reported it had consented to sell its Postcon activities in Germany to Quantum Capital Partners, with the deal expected to produce results from the finish of 2019. In February 2020 PostNL consented to an arrangement with Mutares for the offer of 80% of the portions of the Italian auxiliary of PostNL, Nexive. Mutares will get a greater part revenue of 80% and PostNL a minority premium of 20% of the element that obtains Nexive. The exchange is dependent upon various conditions and is required to shut in Q2, 2020.


PostNL tracking packages from Netherlands 

For quite a while, PostNL was the solitary postal organization in the Netherlands. PostNL has the two enormous TNT divisions, Mail and Express, became separated to an ever increasing extent, each with their own methodologies. 

In 2011, TNT Express isolated, and the postal organization proceeded as PostNL. We are an organization that arrangements in letters, bundles and everything identified with letters and packages. We likewise work in Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy. 


PostNL International Mail Tracking 

With PostNL Track and Trace you can follow your enrolled mail thing or bundle to its objective utilizing our online worldwide global positioning framework. When your things are on their way you can undoubtedly screen their advancement by utilizing your remarkable standardized identification. Inside a couple of snaps, you know whether your thing is on it's way or in the event that it has effectively arrived at its objective 

All approaching global mail to Netherlands goes through Amsterdam International Mail Center. 


RU NL track 

PostNL bundle following numbers that appear as though RU179726789NL, RU222005314NL are global enrolled air mail shipments by PostNL. These are Universal Postal Union designed following ids and can be followed our postal tracker or at 

You can follow your worldwide enlisted mail thing or parcel by entering your bundle scanner tag in the field on top of this page. 


Netherlands Post Surface Mail GearBest following 

GearBest offers delivering technique Netherlands Post Surface Mail. By and large this delivery strategy is dependable yet can be moderate. Following numbers are like NL14934525209932, NR15101935992130 

You can follow Netherlands Post Surface Mail with Sky56 


NLPost following 

Chinese online merchants regularly use administrations of Holland Post by conveying bundles to PostNL arranging focus in Hong Kong. Holland Post vehicles things to its terrain Europe arranging focus and uses it'scoordinations organization to convey bundles everywhere on the world. 




Holland Post Air Mail following 

PostNL is otherwise called Holland Post. Holland Post Air Mail following works similarly as PostNL following. Simply enter your following number/bundle scanner tag on top of this page and snap Track Package 


PostNL Aliexpress following 

PostNL works in the Netherlands. In China, there are a few bundle assortment focuses. The vender doesn't transport the package to PostNL, yet the dispatch takes it. From that point forward, all packages are shipped off the bundle assortment focus, and afterward stacked onto the airplane for shipment to the arranging community in the Netherlands. 

Essentially enter your Aliexpress following number into search box on top of this page, to follow your bundle! 


PostNL dispatching time 

Postnl International travel and conveyance time goes from 15 to 25 days by and large. To get more exact gauge, track your PostNL shipment with our all inclusive postal tracker and will utilize our PostNL conveyance time measurements to give you assessed bundle appearance date. 


About PostNL 

We experience a daily reality such that computerized applications assume an undeniably huge part in our every day lives. These administrations grow quickly. We set out to really utilize our creativity to continually brainstorm better approaches to interface senders and beneficiaries. We have been conveying your mail for over 200 years, in the Netherlands and abroad. We are a fundamental connection between the physical and the online world. 

We have the biggest organization for letters, bundles and web based business in the Benelux nations. Our blends of savvy organizations and computerized applications empower us to furnish our customers with important arrangements.

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