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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Gls Slovakia .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Sunday 21st of July 2024 .

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Our way of thinking 

What do we depend on? 

The GLS Group's prosperity is the emphasis on quality. 

Consistently the GLS Group endeavors to furnish its clients with a great of administrations. 

We are locally present, we constantly improve our organization, we give exclusive requirements in innovation and security, we expect to ensure our current circumstance, and we regard contrasts among our representatives, furnishing them with secure positions. 

Our duty 

GLS assumes its liability for representatives, society and the insurance of the climate truly and is effectively dedicated to decency, instruction and the most minimal conceivable ecological effect. 

Manageability - social, natural and financial 

GLS has a comprehensive comprehension of manageability that envelops natural, social and financial parts of its corporate duty. The point is to offer clients the greatest as far as coordinations while giving representatives a steady occupation at a solid organization. 

For GLS, these two elements go connected at the hip. By accomplishing these objectives, GLS likewise adds to the versatility and solid accessibility of products, which, thus, establish the foundation of the economy. The point is to accomplish reasonable business achievement while ensuring the climate for people in the future. GLS is additionally dedicated to the general public in which it works.

GLS Group History 

In 1989, 25 daring forwarders had a trying thought: assemble a public bundle specialist co-op in the focal point of Germany. German Parcel was conceived. This was the beginning of the remarkable story of the GLS Group. 


In Neuenstein (Germany) the beginning sign for a powerful upward improvement was given - German Parcel was established. 


General Parcel, the European establishment framework was established. 


Imperial Mail Group obtains German Parcel and General Logistics Systems (GLS) was established. 

1999 - 2002 

The GLS network was set up through acquisitions and establishing of organizations in various nations. 


Dispatch of the normal GLS brand. 

2003 - 2007 

Presentation of a uniform quality administration framework, further organization extension, establishment of GLS IT Services and innovative progressions. 

2008 - 2015 

Dispatch of ThinkGreen exercises, persistent organization development and presentation of committed 2C administrations. 

2016 - 2020 

Centered geographic extension in North America, interests in network framework.


Our sponsorships 

Across the GLS Group we utilize different sponsorships to feature our image. 

DeutscherLeichtathletikVerband (DLV) - Germany

Persuading in rivalry with greatness - that is the thing that associates GLS with serious games. Thus, GLS Germany supports the German Athletics Association (DLV). 

Red Devils - Belgium 

GLS Belgium supports the public football crew "Red Devils" and consolidates this responsibility with social help. 

Wear Matteo - Italy 

GLS Italy upholds Don Matteo, the faction arrangement on Italian TV. 

Rugby - Portugal 

GLS Portugal supports one of the principle rugby sevens occasions in Portugal, GLS Algarve 7's. The commitment with rugby began in 2018. 

Padel visit - Spain 

Padel Tennis is the quickest developing game in Spain and now the second most normal local area sports rehearsed in the country. GLS Spain supports the World Padel Tour (WPT) since March 2019 in the class Transport and Logistics. 

Julian Reus - Germany 

Julian Reus holds the German record over 60m and 100m and in this way represents speed like GLS Germany. Since April 2018 GLS upholds the different German hero. 

European Film Awards - Germany 

Since 2012 GLS transports as true coordinations accomplice the statuettes of the European Film Academy. 

The European Film Award (EFA) is quite possibly the main European film grants. 

Gesa Krause - Germany 

Together over all hindrances: Gesa Felicitas Krause is in her very own class in her #1 order, the 3,000-meter steeplechase. 

Marathon - Ireland 

GLS has been one of the primary patrons of the game's administering body Triathlon Ireland since 2017.


Our set of accepted rules 

As a universally working package specialist organization the GLS Group represents reasonable rivalry, honesty and duty. 

Code of Business Standards

Reason and Scope 

This Code of Business Standards subtleties the responsibilities of GLS Group1 ('GLS') to its four principle partners: 

• workers, 

• clients, 

• colleagues, and 

• the overall population 

It shapes the reason for all business exercises of GLS Group. It ought to be perused in combination with the separate GLS Group arrangements and rules. 

The standards set out in this archive apply to all representatives of GLS Group around the world. 

Supervisors have a specific duty to guarantee that these guidelines are imparted to and regarded by their groups. 

Outsiders don't get any rights from this Code of Business Standards. 

Laws, Regulations and Internal Policies 

All GLS exercises and the business lead of all GLS workers should be in line with pertinent laws and guidelines just as applicable inner arrangements, rules and principles. 

Any infringement of these principles may bring about disciplinary activity up to and including excusal of any workers included. 

GLS Ethical Standards 

Autonomously of a particular enactment, GLS Group sticks to certain moral guidelines: 

• GLS supports and regards worldwide common freedoms. 

• GLS maintains opportunity of affiliation and perceives the privilege to aggregate bartering. 

• GLS follows a zero resilience strategy concerning constrained and mandatory work as well as youngster work. 

• GLS regards variety like race, sex, religion, age and sexual direction. 

• GLS advances ecological obligation and intends to lessen the natural effect of its business exercises. 

• GLS has a zero-resistance strategy in regards to debasement of any structure.


GLS Group Supplier Code of Conduct 

General Principles 

GLS accepts that adherence to public laws, country-explicit guidelines, disallowances and different arrangements is a matter obviously. These standards are portrayed in detail in the GLS Code of Business Standards.

As an auxiliary of Royal Mail Group we are a signatory of the Joined Nations Global Compact. This universally relevant ruleset for human and laborers' privileges, natural norms and the battle against debasement comprises the reason for our Supplier Code of Conduct. We anticipate that our suppliers should regard the norms spread out in this Supplier Code of Conduct, carry out them utilizing proper measures and stick to them in their business exercises. 

Common liberties 

Our providers rigorously regard the crucial and universally perceived common freedoms and stick to them no matter what. 

Youngster Labor

Our providers preclude any sort of youngster work inside their organizations and cling to the United Nations' code for kids and common freedoms. In the event that no base working age has been characterized in a country, laborers may not be more youthful than 15 years old. 

Constrained Labor

Our providers stringently preclude constrained work in any structurelike slave, reformatory, or some other type of constrained work. They guarantee that their representatives are repaid in agreement with pertinent laws and guidelines and that no representative is unduly limited in their opportunity. 

Remuneration and Working Hours 

Our providers should hold fast to all applicable neighborhood laws and guidelines with respect to working hours, additional time, pay and social advantages. At least, the legitimately commanded the lowest pay permitted by law must be paid. Derivations as some portion of disciplinary measures are impermissible without a relating lawful premise. 

Opportunity of Assembly/Collective Bargaining 

GLS regards the privilege to aggregate haggling and opportunity of get together and anticipates that its suppliers should act as needs be. 

Wellbeing and Safety 

Our providers stringently hold fast to applicable nearby work environment wellbeing and wellbeing laws. They block mishaps and word related infections through an appropriate work environment wellbeing the board framework.

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