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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Fedex .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Saturday 20th of July 2024 .

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FedEx Corporation, once Federal Express Corporation and later FDX Corporation, is an American global conveyance administrations organization settled in Memphis, Tennessee.The name "FedEx" is a syllabic shortening of the name of the organization's unique air division, Federal Express, which was utilized from 1973 until 2000. FedEx today is most popular for its air conveyance administration, FedEx Express, which was one of the primary significant transportation organizations to offer for the time being conveyance as a lead administration. From that point forward, FedEx likewise began FedEx Ground, FedEx Office (initially known as Kinko's), FedEx Supply Chain, FedEx Freight, and different administrations across various auxiliaries, regularly intended to react to its primary rival, UPS. FedEx is likewise one of the top project workers of the US government and aids the vehicle of some United States Postal Service bundles through its administration FedEx SmartPost. 

FedEx's noticeable quality in both the United States and the world have made it a typical point in mainstream society, with models including the film Cast Away just as a portion of its promoting mottos (most broadly "when it totally decidedly must be there for the time being"). Moreover, FedEx has bought the naming rights to FedEx Field of the NFL's Washington Football Team and FedEx Forum of the NBA's Memphis Grizzlies. FedEx's air transporting administrations have made its fundamental center point at Memphis International Airport the busiest payload air terminal in the United States, the Americas, and the Western Hemisphere, and second-busiest load air terminal on the planet behind Hong Kong.


Working units and logos 


The FedEx logo is a wordmark planned in 1994 by Lindon Leader of Landor Associates, of San Francisco. It comprises of Fed in purple and Ex in orange. The FedEx wordmark is remarkable for containing a subconscious right-pointing bolt in the negative space between the "E" and the "X", which was accomplished by planning a restrictive text style, in light of Univers and Futura, to accentuate the bolt shape. Previously, the Ex was in an alternate tone for every division and platinum for the general enterprise use. In any case, in August 2016, FedEx declared that all working units will receive the purple and orange shading logo throughout the following five years (equivalent to the first FedEx logo, and later utilized by FedEx Express). 


FedEx is isolated into the accompanying working units: 

FedEx Express (Orange "Ex"): The first short-term messenger administrations, giving following day air administration inside the United States and time-distinct global assistance. FedEx Express works one of the biggest common airplane armadas on the planet and the biggest armada of wide bodied common airplane; it likewise conveys more cargo than some other airline.


  1. Caribbean Transport Services: Until 2008, a piece of FedEx Freight. Gives airfreight sending administrations between the US territory, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and other Caribbean islands.
  • Dynamite Express: A global dispatch conveyance administrations organization, presently an auxiliary of FedEx, with its central command in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. The firm has completely claimed tasks in 61 nations, and conveys archives, bundles and bits of cargo to more than 200 nations.
  1. FedEx Custom Critical (Orange "Ex", in the past Blue and afterward Red): Delivers pressing, important, or perilous things utilizing trucks and contracted airplane. Cargo not acknowledged for transport incorporates transient food, liquor, prescription, domesticated animals, family merchandise, perilous waste, and money. Drivers are self employed entities who own their vehicles. Administration in Mexico utilizes interline transporters. Previously Roberts Express.
  2. FedEx Ground (Orange "Ex", once in the past Green): Guaranteed day-positive conveyance inside Canada and the United States at an expense investment funds when contrasted with time-distinct FedEx Express. Utilizations a huge armada of trucks which are claimed by the free proprietor/administrators and drivers are self employed entities who control singular conveyance courses and regions. In the past Roadway Package System (RPS).
  3. FedEx Home Delivery: Specializes in private conveyance Tuesday through Saturday and offers conveyance choices to give greater adaptability to private beneficiaries. The logo incorporates a drawing of a canine conveying a bundle . FedEx Home Delivery just works in the United States. In the US it isn't unprecedented for Home Delivery bundles to be conveyed by standard Ground trucks. To compensate for any shortfall, FedEx Ground in Canada plays out the business conveyances and private deliveries.
  4. FedEx SmartPost: Consolidates bundles from vendors, for example, internet business and index organizations and utilizations the United States Postal Service for the last conveyance. In the past the autonomous organization Parcel Direct until FedEx obtained it for $120 million in 2004.
  5. FedEx Freight (Orange "Ex", once in the past Red): LTL and other cargo administrations. The biggest LTL transporter in the United States, with $4.5 billion in income for 2008. Formerly American Freightways, Viking Freight, and Watkins Motor Lines.
  6. FedEx Freight Canada: Formerly Watkins Canada Express.
  7. FedEx Logistics (Orange "Ex", in the past Platinum): Known as FedEx Trade Networks until 2019, FedEx Logistics gives production network arrangements, strength transportation, cross boundary web based business innovation administrations, customs financier, and exchange the executives instruments and information. In the past Caliber Logistics and Caliber Technology.
  8. FedEx Air and Ocean Cargo Networks: International air and sea cargo sending. Once in the past C.J. Pinnacle and Sons, TowerGroup International Inc., and FedEx Trade Networks Transport and Brokerage, Inc.
  9. FedEx Customs Brokerage: Services identified with customs and global exchange consistence. Some time ago World Tariff, Ltd., and FedEx Trade Networks Trade Services, Inc.
  10. FedEx Forward Depots: Critical stock and administration parts coordinations, TechConnect fix and restoration of business innovation gear, 3-D printing and the FedEx Packaging Lab.
  11. FedEx Supply Chain: Third-party coordinations including transportation the board, warehousing, satisfaction, and returns. In the past GENCO.
  12. FedEx Services (Orange "Ex", in the past Platinum): Provides worldwide showcasing, arranging, and data innovation (IT) administrations for the other FedEx working organizations.
  13. FedEx Customer Relations: Offering a client support complementary phone line for client questions. It is worked by a computerized administrator at that point will incite the client to a live specialist for employments of following, claims, booking pick-ups (Express, Ground, Same Day, Custom Critical, Freight Express, and Freight LTL), praises and grumblings, areas (both staffed counter areas and drop-boxes), requesting supplies, setting up FedEx accounts, charging and so on Previously FCIS or FedEx Customer Information Services.
  14. FedEx Delivery Manager: Provides U.S. clients with alternatives to plan dates, areas, and seasons of conveyance. Clients can likewise follow and oversee conveyances in transit to or from their home, without a following number or FedEx account.
  15. FedEx Office (Orange "Ex", previously Blue): The retail arm of the partnership, offers duplicating and advanced printing, proficient completing, report creation, Internet access, PC rentals, signs and illustrations, standard mail, Web-based printing, and FedEx transporting. Earlier an autonomous organization, known as Kinko's until it was obtained by FedEx in 2004 and rebranded to FedEx Kinko's. In June 2008 the organization was at long last rebranded as FedEx Office.
  16. FedEx Office Print and Ship Centres: Provides administrations like replicating, printing, Internet access, and delivery. They are a focal area for FedEx clients to store their bundles for transportation, offering self-administration copy and fax machines, office items for pressing and delivering, boxes, and bundling administrations. They likewise offer "Hold at Locations" for FedEx Ground and FedEx Express shipments for simple get. Move to Office/Ship focuses takes 1 to 2 business days (model: calling the client assistance line one day preceding get. This guarantees bundle is put with legitimate course of dispatch that benefits that territory). FedEx Office checks with its own FedEx Couriers for Center to Center and neighborhood client conveyances. Earlier, these areas were called FedEx World Service Centers.

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