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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Ninjavan .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Sunday 21st of July 2024 .

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Ninja van tracking 

At the point when we talk about conveyance organizations, there are a few choices we can discover on the lookout, however, nobody is on par with Ninja van. It's anything but a recognized conveyance organization in all Asia region. Nonetheless, it doesn't mean we will discover just a Ninja van in the Philippines on the grounds that there are a few Ninja van organizations impeccably circulated. 

Hence, we need to converse with you somewhat more about this conveyance organization and all the Ninja van transporting services. 


What is Ninja van? 

Since 2014, Ninja van has offered perhaps the best innovation, which implies that Ninja van tracking is truly outstanding available. Obviously, it doesn't mean they just have the fundamental help; all things considered, their obligation to their clients made them offer express transportation as well. 

All the group on Ninja van fills in as hard as possible to offer to every one of their clients that live in Southeast Asia an association with the remainder of the world. There isn't anything more significant for the group of this organization than making the Ninja van delivering the best of all. 


How would I track my Ninja van package? 

Tracking help is one of the few services that this conveyance organization has for us. The client needs to know where their packages are progressively in light of the fact that it causes them to feel more secure. 

Consequently, they offer to their customers the Ninja van own bundling tracking which tells the clients the specific areas of their packages. It additionally allows the clients to compute the assessed season of appearance season of the bundle, freely on the off chance that it's anything but a standard conveyance or an expedited service. 

Along these lines, the conceivable outcomes to lose your bundles are exceptionally low, basically on the grounds that the site of Ninja van offers you all you need to track your packages. Each package that you send with this organization has a Ninja van code which resembles the ID of the bundles. 

To track your bundles, you need to utilize this Ninja van code on the tracking part of the site of this conveyance organization. After you get in the code, you will see the Ninja van tracking status. 

It can change as per the cycle that is going through your bundle. Those situations with be postponed shipment, On-Hold, Cancelled, status check, and others. 


Where does Ninja van can convey bundles? 

The transportation services began in Singapore, however it was adequately not to be the best organization in Singapore, Ninja van needed more. Hence, the group tried sincerely and improved the Ninja van tracking support of make an ever-increasing number of individuals need to utilize the organization to convey their bundles. 

Thusly, it's anything but a thing of time that they could grow their transportation courses to different nations. Its development lets its transportation to different nations of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and one of the more famous Ninja van the Philippines. 

Sadly, the Ninja van tracking can't be utilized for transportation to different nations since they just have branches in Southeast Asia. 


What amount is Ninja van conveyance? 

The expense of the Ninja van dispatching will rely upon the methodology of shipment you pick. Additionally, the elements of the bundles as the weight and size can make the expense change. 

  1. For bundles of 4 kg or less, the expense for Ninja van standard conveyance and ninja gather is SGD 2,50
  2. For the Ninja van Express Courier is SGD 4,50. In any case, for medium bundles about <10 kg the expense is SGD 5,00 (standard messenger)/SGD 6,00 (express dispatch).
  3. Something else, if the weight is < 20 kg and the size around 200 cm, it's anything but an enormous bundle, and it costs SGD 8,00 for the standard dispatch and SGD 9,00 for the express messenger.
  4. The last expense is for those individuals that need to convey extra-huge bundles of < 30 kg and 300 cm; it costs SGD 15,50 for standard messenger and SGD 16,50 for the express dispatch.
  5. As you can see the transportation charges are not very costly on the off chance that we contrast them and the expenses of different contenders. 


What amount of time does Ninja van require to convey? 

Autonomously of the size and weight of the bundles, the organization has a magnificent transportation time as great as its Ninja van own bundling tracking assistance. The conveyance time for the packages sent on the methodology of Ninja van standard conveyance takes around 1 to 3 working days. 

By and by, the bundles tracked through on the methodology of ninja express messenger just take around 1 to 2 working days. As you can see the Ninja van dispatching time is exceptionally short which implies that you won't hang tight for an excessive amount to accept your packages. 


Does Ninja van track through on ends of the week? 

Ninja van Philippines and the Ninja van of different nations have an expansive transportation plan. They make conveyances from Monday to Saturday, regardless of not making conveyances the whole end of the week, they make the transportation 6 days every week. In the event that we think it well, it is far beyond other conveyance organizations. 

Moreover, they additionally work from 9 AM to 10 PM. Along these lines, on the off chance that you work a ton the entire day and can't be at home during the day, they can make your conveyance around evening time, and you can check everything time with the Ninja van tracking status. 


How would I contact Ninja van? 

The client care of Ninja van is inconceivable on the grounds that they offer you various ways you can reach them. You can call +65 6602 8271 to get a hotline client care. Be that as it may, you can likewise send them an email to support_sg@Ninja in the event that you have issues with your Ninja van code or with the Ninja van own bundling tracking. 

Likewise, on the off chance that you are a partnership and need to do some business, you can send an email to sg-sales@Ninja Indeed, even you can discover an answer for an issue with Ninja van own bundling tracking through their uncommon segment of contact on its site. It doesn't make any difference the contact way you pick, they will have a response for you.

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