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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Chronopost France .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Tuesday 18th of June 2024 .

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What is Chronopost? 

Chronopost is a French organization and individual from the Le Groupe La Poste, which likewise possesses the DPD group. Chronopost gives express delivery services to Le Groupe La Poste for both domestic and global destinations. 

Chronopost's domestic services generally convey the following day, with some Chronopost conveyances requiring 48 hours relying upon the specific conveyance areas. The service is for documents or packages weighing 30 kg or underneath (66 lb). This is genuinely quick corresponding to other conveyance organizations working inside France, like GEODIS, DHL, and TNT. 


Where is Chronopost located? 

Despite the fact that Chronopost is situated in France, it likewise has global offices in Morocco, the Ivory Coast, and other worldwide regions. Be that as it may, its service centers are overwhelmingly situated in France and Europe. Various significant points to note in case you are utilizing Chronopost regarding conveyance and tracking are as per the follows. 

In case you are utilizing Chronopost to convey a bundle universally, for example, to the United States, Chronopost may not deal with your bundle upon appearance and furthermore may not be accountable for conveying it in the destination country. For example, Chronopost express bundles are generally conveyed by FedEx under their international priority service as opposed to by Chronopost themselves. This implies that you will most likely be unable to keep tracking a Chronopost bundle through the Chronopost site. 


Does Chronopost convey bundles weight more than 30kg? 

The Chrono Mission product line, which covers domestic and abroad transportation, can cater for shipments of things weighing up to 1.4 tons, or 3,080 lb. These bigger, expert shipments can likewise have all out measurements comparing 14 m squared, or 490 ft squared. 



How enormous is Chronopost? 

Today Chronopost is the french leader in express service with an organization of 9,700 local pick-up points in France and 36,000 in Europe. It is particularly perceived in France and to a somewhat lesser degree, Europe and its express services are a well known piece of the contributions of the Le Groupe La Poste, of which it is a section. 

Without a doubt, Chronopost is important for similar gathering of businesses as DPD, which is answerable for conveying in excess of 5 million bundles each day in somewhere in the range of 230 nations, with the two frequently cooperating to execute conveyances inside Europe, further expanding the size and scale on which Chronopost works. DPD group flaunts in excess of 1,000 preparing centers and bundle forwarding warehouses in Europe alone, which are adjusted by almost 60,000 conveyance vehicles. The organization likewise keeps on developing more than 40,000 pickup focuses in the EU, making it the second-greatest bundle conveyance network in the locale. 

As of now, the DPD group utilizes somewhere in the range of 75 thousand individuals alone. Chronopost, which is essential for the DPD group, is France's main express bundle conveyance service for bundles up to 30kg. Conveyances are coordinated and worked between about 100 branches and hubs situated around France, excluding the almost 20,000 local sending stations specked around the country. At last, Chronopost additionally has 42,000 pickup points on the European content. 

Chronopost values ensuring they meet the most elevated levels of service quality, think about the current difficulties as well as ones later on, and promise to not quit improving Chronopost bundle and package conveyance services to convey the most ideal logistics solutions for people and businesses. 


What are the core Chronopost services?

Chronopost core services include: 

  1. Express delivery
  2. Secure delivery
  3. Shipping in France and abroad
  4. Simplified returns and exchanges
  5. Easy processing, drop-off, collection
  6. Insurance service


What conveyance timeframes does Chronopost offer? 

Chronopost conveys various express delivery timeframes to suit people and businesses. 

The quickest Chronopost conveyance service is an equivalent day conveyance choice which is accessible for domestic conveyances as it were. Same-day express service is likewise among the most costly services Chronopost offers. For conveyances relatively soon, it over a next before 9 am, 10 am 1 pm and a following day before 9 pm service. These services are both ensured to show up before the concurred time anyplace in metropolitan France. 

They additionally offer quick and moderate conveyance to areas inside Europe, just as express service to around 230 nations and domains across the world. Chronopost likewise offers customized express service of what it calls "exceptional shipments", keep an eye on the site to check whether you need extraordinary shipment services. 


What is the maximum weight and dimension allowed for a Chronopost parcel?

The most extreme dimensions considered your Chronopost package should not surpass 150 cm. The bundle can likewise not surpass W+2H+2L =300cm, unfurled. Chronopost conveys packages weighing up to 30 kg. The minimum dimensions considered your Chronopost shipment are 22.9 cm x 16.2 cm (or a C5 envelope format). 


What are the maximum dimensions and weight for Chrono Relais service?

The greatest dimensions permitted are not the same as the standard Chronopost conveyance service. With regards to the Chrono Relais service, the greatest width should not surpass, = 250cm. Similarly, the all out W+2H+2L and the length should not surpass 100cm. 

Chrono Relais services can't deal with bundles weighing in excess of 20 kg, not at all like the Chronopost Express where packages should not surpass 30 kg. 


How quick is Chronopost shipping? 

Chronopost has a companywide normal conveyance time of 2 to 5 days, which incorporates worldwide and domestic mail. 

Global service conveyance times, notwithstanding, shift significantly more because of a few deciding components like last destination - because of the expanded distance among it and the beginning - yet in addition conceivably due to an absence of conveyance limit at an destination. This might happen when Chronopost may collect, process, and send a package rapidly to a specific destination, however it needs to depend on a local courier to complete the last piece of the excursion. Though in most significant destinations across Europe, Chronopost will keep on dealing with the package until conveyance, in certain areas, there may not be Chronopost functional ability to do as such. While giving over to another dispatch, this implies the accompanying could happen: 

Another courier is placed responsible for taking care of your bundle, who will most likely be unable to offer as quick a turnaround on conveyance as Chronopost or other driving courier organizations 

Tracking I become more troublesome, with utilizing Tracking a Chronopost package expecting to stand by longer for updates or change track to the new courier in the event that they know what their identity is. 


Can Chronopost convey bundles to a pickup point? 

Contingent upon the size and weight of your bundle and the service Chronopost service picked, you can pick another of conveyance choices to suit your individual, recipient or businesses needs appropriately. These choices are recorded and clarified beneath: 

  1. At a post office: Your Chronopost parcel will be delivered to the nearest post office available to you.
  2. At a local pick-up point. Your Chronopost package will be delivered to a convenient pickup point near your location.
  3. At a Chronopost depot. Your order will be kept secure at a Chronopost depot.

Chronopost utilizes an elective vehicles armada which incorporates electric vehicles, just as certain vehicles which are controlled by gaseous petrol. A few conveyances are additionally made via cargo bike, as a feature of Chronopost's obligation to proceeded with conveyance area development and to diminish their negative ecological effect. 

Chronopost likewise put resources into conveyance optimization, eco-driving training, and densification of their depot network with saw a 35 percent drop in the organization's total CO2 emanations per bundle. 


Is Chronopost carbon neutral? 

All Chronopost conveyances offer carbon- neutral postage at no extra expense. 

Chronopost has been effectively determined to decrease C02 discharges as a component of its activities in four regions, to be specific vehicles (utilized in its armada), fuel, driver training, and conveyance optimization. 

Chronopost likewise upholds two ventures to assist with balancing its carbon impression. One of which services the improvement of wind-created power in India and aids the creation of energy through methanization in Brazil. 

Since 2019, 100% of Chronopost's conveyances in Paris are made with elective vehicles, more than 80 of which are electric vehicles just as some NGV vehicles and cargo bikes. They expect to convey to more than 60 of the biggest urban communities in France by means of power when 2022. 


How can I track my Chronopost universally?

To track utilizing Chronopost, you should sign in to the site to get to your account. Whenever you have signed in you should discover your account subtleties and afterward take a gander at as of recently shipped orders to pick the request you wish to track. 


Who conveys Chronopost in the US? 

For most Chronopost bundles that should be conveyed in the United States, particularly for the Chronopost Express bundles, Chronopost will utilize its accomplice FedEx. These bundles will be sent as "international priority " with the FedEx conveyance.


How might I contact Chronopost? 

Chronopost encourages clients to reach them by means of social media, through either their Twitter or Facebook accounts. The Twitter record can be found at @Chronopost. If it's not too much trouble, note, that in the event that you post a message in this open discussion, it will be accessible to people in general and the Chronopost client service teams will reply in public. 

In the event that you send a private message (which is regularly better particularly in case you are talking about a tracking number of other secret data), the teams will answer your message in private. To contact in private, you simply need to follow @Chronopost prior to sending your inquiry. 

On Facebook, you can likewise pose your inquiries and the client service team will answer you by means of a form. To discover them on Facebook, search Chronopost in the search  bar at the top  left of the screen. 

You can contact the Chronopost client service teams from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm and on Saturday from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm (excluding public holidays). You can contact the teams utilizing the accompanying telephone number: 

  • +33 (0)969 391 (the calls are charged at standard rate)

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