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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Hong Kong Post .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Tuesday 18th of June 2024 .

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What is Hong Kong Post?  

Hong Kong Post is a Chinese devoted postal service, furnishing clients with the adaptability and accommodation to send their parcels/ePackets around the world. Established in 1841, Hong Kong Post was initially known as "Post Office" or again as "Postal Department" before 1997 and the handover of Hong Kong. The far-reaching inclusion of this postal service is in more than 220 nations and areas today. With the obligation to giving solid accommodation and worth to cash, Hong Kong Post provides selective services that incorporate both "with tracking" and "without tracking". Consequently, making it a reasonable one for e-commerce business organizations including Tmall, Alibaba, DC Fever, and so on  


What is Hong Kong Post e-express tracking?  

The E-Express service of Hong Kong Post provides web-based tracking information for the requested things to its clients. The merchants, when they utilize the e-express tracking, can have a speed and moderate arrangement particularly when they send items to the purchasers. This service covers 43 destinations all throughout the planet, including new destinations like South Africa, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Lebanon, Island, Serbia, Latvia, and Luxembourg.  

The clients can possibly track their Hong Kong Post deliveries when picked to go for registered mail.  The Hong Kong Post tracking number is made out of 13 digits, beginning with the capital letter R and finishing with HK. A model here is RC529764238HK. Comparable to Singapore Post packet and China post small packet, Hong Kong Post small packet is alluded to as a monetary method to deliver things which are under 2Kg, covering more than 200 nations and areas around the world. With regards to tracking a request set by means of Hong Kong Post, the deliveries by e-commerce dealers are either made by means of Hong Kong Post Air Normal Mail service or through the Hong Kong Post Registered Air Mail service. Both of the services provided by the postal service provider can be tracked on the web. Consequently, making it simpler for e-commerce venders to deliver embellishments, clothing, workmanship articles, electronic items, and so on. Tracking is just about as straightforward as typing the tracking code gave on the order page.  

Thinking that it is hard to track your package? It has now gotten speedier and simpler with the accessibility of Hong Kong Post contact:  

• Hongkong Post Headquarters: 2 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

• Tel:(852) 2921 2222*

• Fax:(852) 2868 0094

• Mail Tracking: mto@hkpo.gov.hk

• E-mail: hkpo@hkpo.gov.hk

• (Official Website)


Hong Kong Post airmail service and Ali Express?  

E-commerce venders across China and Hong Kong, incorporating Ali Express and others, have been using the Hong Kong Post airmail service because of the comfort, high-effectiveness, moderate costs, and obviously security. At the point when the vender anticipates having the parcel/package delivered to the Hong Kong Post airmail in China or some other nation, tracking down a solid and reliable specialist approved by Hong Kong Post is needed. From snatching it from the service provider to having it gotten at the doorstep, are on the whole the accessible choices with the purchasers.  

It has gotten simpler to track your delivery when sent by means of Hong Kong Post Delivery as the dealer, for example, Ali Express is needed to be loaded up with a CN22 customs clearance docket (stuck on the back). Also, the declaration should be in English or French or having the destination country characters composed. For the merchants, this postal service additionally requires data about the thing to be delivered, its worth, and the net weight unmistakably.  


What amount of time does the Hong Kong Post require to deliver to the UK and different nations?  

Concerning Hong Kong Post Delivery time, they guarantee to have a straight flight to the parcel/ package destination nations. The hour of delivery differs as per the services taken by the clients. For example, where the client means to deliver a small packet, the post office HK delivers it inside the following working day. This incorporates tallying the day when the parcel/package or ePacket arrives at the board. For the time limit of certain nations, this might take 5 to 12 days while for nations including Canada, UK, and the USA, the Hong Kong Post parcels are conveyed inside 3 days of time.  

Assessed time of delivery for nations:  

• England Ireland- 3 days to the base while 10 days to the most extreme.  

• Western European countries - 7 days to the base while 21 days to the most extreme.  

• US, Australia Canada-5 days to the base while 12 days to the most extreme.  

• Asian countries - 3 days to the base while 7 days to the most extreme.  

Kindly note that the time-frame of delivery takes various working days (as referenced previously). Likewise, South Korea as a feature of Asian nations requires 6 working days to have their parcels delivered.


What does delivery incomplete mean, Hong Kong Post?

" Delivery incomplete " for your Hong Kong Post Delivery implies that the delivery effort crashed. You will discover distinctive statuses with checking your Hong Kong Post tracking:  

• Package data received: implies that the sender is setting up the item for posting.  

• Package accepted: implies that the package is posted/in the collection.  

• Package has left the acceptance point: implies that the process is finished and prepared for leaving.  

• In transit - Arrived at the waypoint: implies that the package showed up at the processing place.  

• In transit- Departed waypoint: implies a departure from the internal office of exchange/despatched from the processing place.  

• Sent out from the departure country: implies departure outward office of exchange/gave over the transporter or left destination.  

• Imported to the country of destination: implies advent in the internal office of exchange or showed up at the processing place.  

• Shown up at customs: implies held by customs/package introduced to import customs.  

• Customs authorization complete: implies that the package is gotten back from customs.  

• Shown up at the office of destination: implies that the package has shown up at the delivery office.  

• Package has left the office for delivery: implies that the package is out for physical delivery.  

• Package delivered: implies that the package has been delivered to the last customer.  

• Delivery effort failed: implies that the delivery is fragmented/ineffective.










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