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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Ups .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Sunday 21st of July 2024 .

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Ups Courier Services


About US

  It is the world’s largest delivery company which began operations a century ago. Today, it has 495,000 employees and connects more than 200 nations around the world through its delivery and freight across railways, roads and water transport.



USPS provides the following services in the following verticals:


If you own a large or small scale business, you can stay ahead of your customers by shipping their products or deliverables on time using UPS courier services.

You can work logistics and wield an advantage across your competition.

Online Shipping:

  1. The interface of UPS will simplify and streamline the delivery process.
  2. You will be automatically notified of your taxes and dues and the costs you incur, when the product is shipped.
  3. One can ship to multiple people with a unified list and batch import capabilities.
  4. You can compare multiple service options to find the perfect delivery speed and time for your business needs.
  5. Product classifications will make repeating shipments to customers easier, faster and much more reliable.
  6. One can create a file of 250 shipments through batch import capabilities, when shipping overseas.
  7. Delivering can even be more streamlined through enhanced address book and predictive text entry.
  8. Paperwork processing can be easier and faster through the streamlining of custom forms
  9. One can get harmonised  tariff codes,  in case of a frequently shipped product


UPS CampusShip

  1. There can be a lot of moving parts which can be shipped, when you need to ship your company’s products.
  2. USPS campus ship is used to centralize your company’s shipping process.
  3. Control of time and cost and powerful online solutions must originate throughout the company’s campus and multiple buildings within the campus.
  4. This system can be accessed from anywhere and no installation or costly updates are necessary to install CampusShip for your company’s shipping.
  5. The need for IT support is eliminated through  this system
  6. Visibility of all employee transactions and expenses can be tracked and monitored easily
  7. Allocation of costs of shipping can easily be made through reference numbers


UPS Import Control

  1. Coordination, compliance and a lot of paperwork is essential for import control in shipping across borders.
  2. USPS import control manages costs and delays are minimized, when shipping overseas.
  3. One can control one’s budget, when shipping worldwide
  4. Supply chain visibility can be acquired through this system for better forecasting and planning
  5. One can prevent incurrence of unauthorized charges, when you distribute your account number to exporters in case of overseas shipping.
  6. Excess duties and taxes can be limited, when you control the creation and verification of commercial invoices
  7. One can sychronise the overseas supply chain by control of imports from multiple suppliers



Creation of Shipping Labels and Commercial Invoices


  1. One can create one’s own shipping labels; you can decide the shipping carrier and the speed you want it to be delivered.
  2. Multiple options are given for deliverance of shipping labels and commercial invoices to your exporters
  3. You can create and complete the commercial invoice to ensure accuracy and ensure compliance
  4. One can get your  label through post or email
  5. UPS driver can  provide a label and collect the package
  6. Label can be printed and sent to shippers
  7. Confidential information can be kept from third party shippers by selecting the commercial invoice removal option and, then the invoice can be taken out of the custom clearance





UPS Complete View Shipping

  1. One can partially complete the form, if you combine USPS import control and USPS shipping and your supplier can enter the characteristics required for shipment such as weight, dimensions and number of pieces which need to be shipped.
  2. Once edits are finalised, forms are available to print directly from the web
  3. This is a campus wide solution which can be configured with mid to large sized companies which are required to be customised.





UPS Tracking Systems

  1. This tracking system provides information about the status of your shipment which is in transit.
  2. There are several ways to track your shipment and there are convenient ways to stay abreast of status or any delays which could occur and, then shipment is delivered to your destination.
  3. Creation of shipment requires assigning a reference number such as purchase order number or customer order number.




UPS Tracking History

  1. One can log on to and track your recent 75 shipments
  2. 50 tracking numbers can be stored in the tracking history table for easy access
  3. Shipment description can be added for a quick reference
  4. Shipment details can be visible through the entire supply chain
  5. You will have the tools to track the shipment or container throughout the globe or moving across a particular country.




UPS Billing Centre

  1. When your company needs to manage shipping invoices and keep a track of cost data, but time and resources are not available to manage these things, an enterprise solution can be provided by UPS to manage invoices and cost data.
  2. Your billing processes can be reduced and paperwork is reduced
  3. The UPS billing data can be complemented by the billing analysis and it provides a full scale view of data from all accounts.
  4. Different trends can be spotted and important business decisions can be made using the data from billing and the analysis and this will help to cut costs and overall efficiency can be increased.



UPS Supply Chain Management

  1. The quantum view tools manage feature of UPS provides consolidated visibility into package and freight shipments to manage your supply chain.
  2. Monitoring can be customised and sound through notification and reporting tools of quantum view tools of UPS supply chain and it will help reduce costs and improve communication with customers who want their products to be delivered and also contact suppliers and team members.



UPS and its third party applications can streamline your business applications and technology providers and will make delivery and freight reliable and user friendly.
















Courier Tracking in India

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