La Poste Colissimo Tracking

To track your La Poste order you can go directly to the La Poste official website. You have two separate areas where you can track your La Poste parcel:

Location for individuals.

Space for professionals.

La Poste tracking

Tracking La Poste is a simple process for both parties. If you are a person, you can go to the following page: here. You have to enter your La Poste tracking number in the search bar and hit "Search".

If you are a supporter then you can go to the following page: 

 You have the option to enter one or more La Poste tracking numbers in the search bar along with the business area. For example, if you want to follow multiple characters, all you have to do is enter each tracking number separated by a semicolon.

The La Poste tracking number typically consists of 11 to 15 characters with numbers and capital letters. For example, a la poste tracking number might look like this: 6Q019299386464.

When you check the status of bulk international parcels sent via La Poste, you will see all tracking details from both the country of origin and the destination country. You can subscribe to the email delivery notification on the La Poste tracking results page to automatically send you notifications as soon as your order status is updated. If you would like an explanation about a specific tracking event, you can contact La Poste.

You can also track your La Poste order for La Poste application. All you have to do is upload them to your smartphone.

You can also follow La Poste through the Ship24 website. All you have to do is go to the Ship 24 homepage and enter the tracking number of your package, La Poste, in the search bar. All you have to do is hit the entry and look at the various stages of delivery to get complete information about your La Poste parcel.

Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by La Poste Colissimo .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Saturday 20th of April 2024 .

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La Poste is a postal help organization in France, working in Metropolitan France just as in the five French abroad offices and the abroad collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. As a result of two-sided arrangements, La Poste likewise has duty regarding mail administrations in Monaco through La Poste Monaco and in Andorra close by the Spanish organization Correos. 

The organization was made in 1991 after the split of the French PTT, an administration office liable for mail, transmit and telephone utilities in France. The PTT, established in 1879, was then split between La Poste, which got answerable for postal help, and France Télécom (these days Orange) for the telecom administrations. France Télécom was promptly privatized yet La Poste has stayed a public organization. Notwithstanding, in 1997 EU mandate 97/67/EC required part states to "completely open the postal area to competition", with the outcome that the French government permitted private postal help organizations in 2005 and changed La Poste into a public-claimed organization restricted by shares in 2010. 

La Poste is a parent organization of the Groupe La Poste, which likewise involves a bank and insurance agency (La Banque postale), a coordinations administration organization (Geopost) and a portable organization administrator (La Poste Mobile). Despite the fact that its postal exercises are declining a result of the improvement of the Internet, they actually addressed portion of the organization's pay. Different exercises, for example, bundle conveyance and banking, are on the ascent. The two addressed separately a fourth of the organization's pay in 2017.


Prior to 2005

La Poste lost its restraining infrastructure on postal conveyance in 2005. From that point forward, a few contending firms have begun business in France. The greater part of them just convey packages (for instance, TNT Express, DHL Express and United Parcel Service) or recorded letters, while mail conveyance itself still can't seem to pull in privately owned businesses. A large portion of the organizations managing mail benefits just work on a nearby scale, since they can't rival the amazingly wide organization of workplaces La Poste appreciates all through the country. 

La Poste turned into a public restricted organization in 2010. Albeit the greater part of the Western European nations have completely privatized their postal assistance organizations, general assessment in France is generally against such a move. A larger part of French residents dread that if La Poste turns into a privately owned business, many mail centers would close, provincial zones would be dismissed and stamps would be more costly. Allies of privatization guarantee that it would help settling the obligation (€5.8 billions out of 2009) and contain the ascent of prices.

In 2013 La Poste put around €1 billion in redesigning mailing stations, modernizing framework and supporting its organization, alongside the acquisition of electric conveyance vehicles. Acquisitions included more Seur establishments in Spain, a 40% stake in Indian bundle firm DTDC and a comparable stake in French package firm Colizen. The organization likewise purchased a 66% stake in cargo forwarder Tigers. Through its joint endeavor with Swiss Post, Asendia, the Group gained Pitney Bowes' worldwide mail business activities in the UK, and a 40% stake in Irish web based business firm eShopWorld. 

In December 2016, La Poste dispatched an ordinary conveyance line by robots to convey to disengaged organizations in isolated spaces of France.


Mail conveyance 

La Poste is by a long shot the biggest supplier for mail conveyance in France. It treated 15 billion messages in 2012, of which 97% inferred an organization or a firm. Relations to client just addressed 55% of the organization's income (55% for business relations; 16% for promotion). Global mail conveyance represented 7% of the 2012 income. That very year, Swiss Post and La Poste dispatched a joint organization, Asendia, to consolidate their worldwide mail activities.

La Poste offers three distinct rates for sending letters in France: five star, inferior and green letter. The last was acquainted in 2011 with give an environmental option in contrast to the standard rates. It produces 15% less CO2 than top notch letters. In 2012, it represented one of every five need letters.(20 percent of need letters). 

Packages and Express (GeoPost) 

GeoPost bunches most package auxiliaries of La Poste Group. In France, the organization gives two brands, Chronopost and DPD (some time ago Exapaq). Around the world, the brands are DPD, YurtiçiKargo and SeurGeoPost. 

La Poste is the second greatest supplier for package conveyance in Europe, with a 15% portion of the market and a €5 billion revenue.

In 2017, Geopost grows its exercises in Italy, Russia, Brazil and Vietnam. 

Different exercises 

Notwithstanding postal administrations, La Poste likewise offers banking and protection administrations (with La Banque Postale) and, by means of Chronopost, messenger administrations. After the public authority, La Poste is the second biggest business in France. It likewise offers webmail, giving email locations and has around 1.6 million dynamic email accounts. More as of late, the gathering has made a branch for correspondence directing (Mediaprism), record trade and filing (Docapost), land (Poste Immo) and portable communication (La Poste Mobile, in association with SFR). 

Corporate character 

Yellow is the fundamental shade of the French post since the 1960s. Beforehand, postal vans used to be green and post boxes blue. Yellow was picked in light of the fact that it is a shading that is effectively seen and in light of the fact that it can represent speed and light. The logotype of La Poste was made by banner originator Guy Georget. It addresses a bird, frequently called the "postal bird" ("l'oiseau postal"), representing a courier. Its plan was somewhat modified by Georget in 1978.

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