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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Taqbin Jp .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Saturday 22nd of June 2024 .

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Kuroneko (Black Cat) - A Logo Known to Everyone in Japan 

Yamato has areas all through Japan. Our trucks and conveyance staff offer types of assistance over the country consistently, implying that Yamato's Kuroneko logo can be seen in numerous spots across Japan. The logo portrays a mother feline delicately conveying a cat in her mouth, which addresses Yamato's way to deal with give affable conveyance administrations to all clients.


Worldwide Network 

Yamato is a worldwide organization that gives little parcel transport administrations and logistics answers for 23 nations and locales all throughout the planet, chiefly in Asia. We offer great administrations developed in Japan to clients everywhere on the world.


Yamato Business Profile 

To be an organization that makes the "following method of transportation" to lead the occasions and makes feasible commitments to the production of a prosperous society 

Set up in 1919, the Yamato Group has made advancements to meet the forefront needs of the occasions, including Japan's first ordinary course logistics transporting business and the improvement of the TA-Q-BIN, which started as individual-to-singular packages and developed to help delay purchases, mail-requests, and business-to-business bundles. 

Today, we have roughly 4,000 logistics bases cross country in Yamato Group, 57,000 vehicles, and 220,000 representatives, and by building a fine and adaptable logistics network covering the entirety of Japan, we are attempting to tackle the issues of our clients and society through logisticsas an individual from the social foundation. 

In view of "YAMATO NEXT100," which is a terrific plan for mid-to long haul the board in the Yamato Group, we expect to be an organization that can make our clients' lives more advantageous and give a thorough new store network that adds to the business and the executives choices of our corporate clients.


"TA-Q-BIN" - Our Delivery Service 

Our TA-Q-BIN conveyance administration covers everything from bundle pickup to giving next day conveyance with only one call, 365 days per year. TA-Q-BIN comes from the Japanese words "taku" (home), "kyuu" (expedient), and "bin" (transport), and for Yamato, an organization that takes client comfort to a higher level and gives a wide assortment of administrations, our assurance to convey divides quicker and all the more dependably is inferred in the name. 


The History of "TA-Q-BIN" 

"TA-Q-BIN" – A Service that Transformed Logistics in Japan 

In 1975, Yamato started the conveyance administration focusing on singular clients without precedent for Japan's logistics industry. Prior to at that point, mass conveyances for corporate clients was the pattern and there was general agreement in the logistics business that limited scale package conveyances were not intelligent. That is the reason no organizations gave conveyance administrations to singular clients around then. 

As client situated, Yamato fostered the support of advantage all clients, which turned the overall agreement of the business around then by giving following day house to house conveyance administration - "TA-Q-BIN".



A wide scope of services which address clients' issues 


Global Shipping 

Giving protected and dependable incorporated transportation services which use the Yamato Group organization.



Worldwide TA-Q-BIN 

This is the abroad TA-Q-BIN administration, which can be utilized to send blessings and items to nations all throughout the planet. 


Global Cool TA-Q-BIN 

A global refrigerated transportation administration for delivery transitory food sources from Japan to Asia. 


UPS Worldwide Express Saver 

An abroad conveyance administration for business clients who regularly transport huge amounts of packages. 


Global Freight Services (Japanese Only) 

Giving incorporated administration administrations to the whole transportation measure with Yamato's homegrown and worldwide coordinations organization. 


Abroad Assignment Support (Japanese Only) 

Abroad moving experts offer total help to clients being allocated abroad by dealing with everything from delivery their baggage to taking care of irksome systems. 


Artistic work Transport 

Master staff handles everything from pressing to conveying important masterpieces and social resources locally or globally. 


Yamato Moving Service 

Offering moving types of assistance for people and families, just as electrical machine rentals with Kuroneko quality. 


Study Abroad TA-Q-BIN 

This is an assistance which offers sensible costs set by bundle size. Setting orders online is simple and speedy. 


Abroad Moving Package 

This help gives thorough plans which cover all parts of moving abroad from pressing to problematic strategies required while moving abroad. 


Family Goods TA-Q-BIN 

This help gives cautious and expedient transportation administrations for enormous furnishings and home apparatuses. Master staff handles everything from pressing and unloading to establishment.



Domestic Shipping 

A constantly developing conveyance administration with No. 1 piece of the pie in Japan. 


Domestic Parcel Shipping 

Japan's No. 1 logistics service for packages which delivers around 1.7 billion bundles every year. 


Cool TA-Q-BIN 

Conveying short-lived food varieties refrigerated or frozen to look after newness. 



Using packages produced using five sorts of materials to dispatch accuracy gear securely and effortlessly. 



Conveying little bundles to letter drops. 


Kuroneko DM-Bin 

Conveying lists, handouts and other special materials to letter boxes.



Volume and Speedy Shipping 

Conveying enormous amounts of packages rapidly by using area, ocean and air transportation modes. 


Express Delivery Services

Conveying bundles got in the late evening to areas all through Japan by the following morning. 


Railway Container Service

Conveying packages house to house using an organization comprising of a few hundred cargo stations and associated organizations. 


JITBOX Chartered Delivery 

Coordinated contracted transportation administrations beginning from one box. Packages are gotten in single box units and conveyed when determined.


Other Business Solutions 

Applying Yamato Group's aptitude to online organizations.


Online Payment Service 

A thorough installment administration for online organizations which upholds different installment needs. 


TA-Q-BIN Direct Delivery Service 

This assistance instantly dispatches produce straightforwardly from neighborhood makers and deals with the whole transportation measure from pickup strategies to conveyance. 


TA-Q-BIN Return Service 

This assistance uses the TA-Q-BIN organization to deal with the assortment of fixing items and the profits of items bought on the web.

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