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Courier Tracking Status is one of the fastest, safe and secure tracking tool which helps you to track your courier using the online tracking system powered by Dhl Germany .With this tracking system, you can track the current status of the consignment /parcel without visiting the courier location or calling customer service center.This system is last updated on Thursday 13th of June 2024 .

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Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world's driving strategic organization. The Group associates individuals and advertises and is an empowering influence of worldwide exchange. It tries to be the best option for clients, workers and financial backers around the world. To this end, Deutsche Post DHL Group is zeroing in on development in its beneficial center coordinations organizations and speeding up the computerized change in all business divisions. The Group adds to the world through supportable strategic approaches, corporate citizenship and ecological exercises. Continuously 2050, Deutsche Post DHL Group intends to accomplish zero discharges coordinations.

Deutsche Post DHL Group is home to two in number brands: DHL offers a thorough scope of bundle and worldwide expedited administration, cargo transport, and inventory network the executives administrations, just as web based business coordinations arrangements. Deutsche Post is Europe's driving postal and bundle specialist organization. Deutsche Post DHL Group utilizes roughly 570,000 individuals in more than 220 nations and regions around the world. The Group created incomes of in excess of 66 billion Euros in 2020.

Corporate Divisions 

Deutsche Post DHL Group offers coordinated administrations and customized, client centered answers for overseeing and moving letters, merchandise and data.

Deutsche Post DHL Group Code of Conduct 

The Code of Conduct mirrors our corporate qualities "Regard and Results" and the guidelines and norms fill in as an "moral compass" that manages our representatives worldwide in their everyday work. 

A big motivator for we 

The critical mainstays of this set of accepted rules are regard, resilience, genuineness and realism to each other and to our clients just as eagerness to accept social accountability. The Code of Conduct depicts practices, convictions and principles that we try to and see as the premise of our set up training. It is a key piece of our corporate character, mirrors our corporate qualities and pays into our client guarantee "Greatness. Essentially Delivered." 

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, we are focused on its ten standards. We regard the standards of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. As a longstanding accomplice of the United Nations, we additionally support the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Central standards are recognition of basic liberties, equivalent freedom, straightforwardness, and clear stands in the fight against segregation, pay off and defilement. 


Our devoted Human Rights Policy Statement supplements Deutsche Post DHL Group's Code of Conduct. It mirrors our present operational qualities and techniques thinking about the prerequisites of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. 

Moreover, our Supplier Code of Conduct commits our providers to regard similar moral qualities and objectives as ourselves, and to uphold them in their own stockpile chains.

Our Responsibility 

All workers, chiefs, directors and Board Members are approached to revive 

the Code of Conduct and in this manner add to the accomplishment of our organization: 

  1. ? Familiarize yourself with its principles and qualities and keep awake to date, for instance by participating in instructional meetings. 
  2. ? Be locked in and report any infringement. Our chiefs, specifically, go about as good examples for respectability and regard. As a leader, you have a unique task to carry out in executing the Code of Conduct: 
  3. ? Create a culture portrayed by common regard, receptiveness and trust. 
  4. ? Do all that you can to advance the execution of the Code of Conduct. 
  5. ? Ensure that the workers under your watch consent to the Code of Conduct andbe a good example of these qualities in your every day work. 
  6. ? Inform and exhort your group about the principles and qualities set out in the Code of 
  7. Lead. 
  8. ? Provide openings for others to voice concerns transparently and straightforwardly


Our Standards of Working Together 

Variety and Inclusion 

The variety of our representatives is our real strength. We advance a comprehensive workplace that qualities the variety of our representatives and in which everyone feels acknowledged and can be their best each day. It is our firm conviction that variety and consideration add to our organization's prosperity. 

The fundamental measures for representative choice and advancement are abilities and capabilities. 

We explicitly reject any type of separation dependent on sex, ethnic and public cause, race, shading, religion, age, handicap, sexual direction and personality or some other trademark ensured by law. We all are approached to add to a climate of regard that blocks any sort of provocation, including working environment tormenting, unwanted lewd gestures, undesirable actual contact, unseemly suggestions, or a work space corrupted by offending jokes and comments or disparaging remarks. We don't endure any sort of viciousness in the work environment, including yet not restricted to undermining and scaring conduct. 

Maintainable Employee Engagement 

We immovably accept that the inspiration and commitment of our workers are a significant separating factor in our industry and make a fundamental commitment to our business achievement. It is hence that common regard and regard are essential for our common qualities. We are resolved to reasonable and open conversations and to managing various feelings to guarantee that we dependably accomplish our normal destinations.


Our Standards for Business Activities 

Working with Suppliers 

We are in discourse with our providers all throughout the planet and offer with them our fundamental standards of moral conduct, consistence with legitimate norms and regard for the climate. We anticipate that they should put together their activities with respect to similar standards. 

In our Corporate Procurement Policy we resolve to purchase items and administrations from providers and subcontractors as per our principles, which incorporate our DPDHL Group Supplier Code of Conduct. 

Bookkeeping and Reporting 

The rightness and exactness of bookkeeping and monetary announcing records give the premise to our dynamic cycles. We expect all deals in our bookkeeping and announcing frameworks to be accounted for in an opportune, exact and complete way as per set up strategies and appropriate bookkeeping guidelines. Archives and reports should contain the essential data pretty much all exchanges and be put away as per corporate rules and pertinent laws and guidelines. 

Hostile to Corruption and Anti-Bribery 

Defilement hurts both our organization and the nations where we work. We don't endure degenerate conduct. In our associations with colleagues and public authorities, we don't give or acknowledge installments or advantages that are expected to, or might seem to, impact business choices or to in any case acquire an inappropriate benefit. This incorporates alleged help installments or different advantages gave to public authorities to routine non-optional activities. 

We are effectively associated with the battle against debasement, for instance through our help of the United Nations Global Compact. Consistence with appropriate enemy of debasement laws is vital in the entirety of our business exercises. 

Endowments, Hospitality and Other Benefits 


Endowments, neighborliness and different advantages are just allowed in everyday business as long as they are inside socially acknowledged standards. Specifically, they may not be, nor give the impression of being, ready to impact current or future business choices. 

Just blessings, friendliness or different advantages that consent to the standards of our Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics Policy might be given or acknowledged. On the off chance that fundamental, get the endorsements recorded there. 

Especially exacting principles apply in the event that you have transactions with public authorities. Be certain that you know about and hold fast to the rules set out in the Anti-Corruption and Business Ethics Policy while interfacing with public authorities. 

Free Competition 

We are focused on the standards of free venture and open rivalry. Organization business should be led based on legitimacy and open rivalry. We enlist outsiders, like providers, specialists or different mediators, solely after cautious and reasonable appraisal. We lawfully will undoubtedly settle on business choices to the greatest advantage of the organization and with no prohibited restrictions like unlawful arrangement or concurrences with contenders. We keep away from any lead that disregards antitrust laws. 

Irreconcilable circumstances 

We anticipate that you should keep up high moral principles in managing irreconcilable circumstances. An irreconcilable circumstance exists if your private exercises or connections could, or could seem to, bring about you done having the option to play out your obligations for Deutsche Post DHL Group autonomously and unbiasedly. 

Connections that could prompt an irreconcilable situation incorporate family ties, associations with colleagues and contenders, or offers or interests in their organizations. 

Restriction on Insider Trading 

We esteem the trust our financial backers place in us. As a recorded stock organization, we are committed to promptly distribute any data that isn't freely known, straightforwardly identified with our organization and liable to significantly affect its offer cost (supposed specially appointed divulgence). Any individual who has inside data isn't allowed to utilize or unlawfully reveal such data when exchanging monetary instruments (restriction on insider exchanging). An infringement is likewise dedicated, regardless of whether no benefit is figured it out. 

The motivation behind insider exchanging boycotts is to secure the uprightness of the monetary business sectors and to guarantee equivalent treatment of financial backers as to data access. Infringement can make genuine harm our organization's standing and to that of those people who submit or are liable for them. Therefore, and not least on account of the extreme lawful assents, it is fundamental that we consent to our commitments under capital market law and try not to make even the smallest impression that we may be disregarding insider exchanging boycotts. 


Hostile to Money Laundering 

We won't work with cash that was gained through crime and is to be washed. We anticipate that you should follow the laws and guidelines administering the battle against the financing of psychological warfare. 

Customs, Export Controls and Sanctions 

In light of a legitimate concern for capable and morally stable business practice, we generally act as per lawful guidelines and worldwide shows. We conform to the appropriate laws and guidelines on send out controls, authorizations and customs leeway in all areas and nations. These relate not exclusively to the development of merchandise, they can likewise affect things like monetary exchanges, the utilization of innovation, acquirement, or the recruiting of staff.

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