Florida Usps Postal Codes By Manatee County

We provide the Florida USPS Postal Codes information by county like location information, operating hours, holidays, provided services. Also you can track USPS courier using our USPS tracking service.

Florida USPS Postal Codes By County


The courier services deal in international services and more than 190 countries such as Canada and Mexico. The courier services deal in tracking across international channels and insurance related to international shipping in case of shipment reaching wrong destination. One needs to fill out custom forms, postage and address labels.

Here are certain shipping companies providing this service:

Global Express Guaranteed

This service delivers shipments across the international circuit in 3 to 5 business days in competitive prices in a guarantee of money back to over 190 countries. Shipping and delivery is provided by FedEx express. Minimum shipping costs start at 67.80$

Priority Mail Express Guaranteed

International delivery is reliable, affordable and provides international courier services to 190 countries. In case product is not shipped correctly, one gets the option of money back guarantee. Packages of a weight of 4 ibs can be delivered in flat rate envelopes which can be availed free of cost. Minimum cost of shipping starts at 45.95$

Priority Mail International

USPS international service is delivered through this service in 6-10 business days to more than 190 destinations. Insurance of 100$ and tracking is provided in certain cases. Flat rate boxes and envelopes are provided in case of small packages.

First Class Package International Service

This is a low cost international mail service to 190 destinations. Cost of package should not be more than 400 $

This service entails a confirmation code once it is shipped and is in transit. Minimum cost of shipping starts at 12.25$

Airmail Bags

This is an international courier service through which one can send a large amount of printed material such as newspapers, magazines, journals, books,catalogs,advertising and matter meant for promotional purposes.

Weight, Size and Shape Requirements by USPS

There is no criteria of a particular weight which can be shipped

The maximum weight of a package which can be shipped is 66 ibs

There are some restrictions and items which are prohibited and cannot be shipped ain a particular country.

The shipping package must include a customs form which is required to be filled.

How to fill out Custom Forms

One needs to fill out custom forms, whenever one wants to ship to an overseas destination.

The custom form will differ according to your USPS service.


Do all shipments need to fill a custom form?

Yes, it is required for all shipments except First Class Mail International which weighs less than 16 ounces.

The First Class Mail International package must contain documents or correspondences which are in the category of non- negotiable

Can a complete the forms at my local post office?

Yes, you can visit your local post office and fill out the custom form and present it at the courier service so that a postage label can be created.

How can one ship printing label and custom form?

The custom form can be printed, if any of the services are used by you and print international postage.

After your package is prepared, a free package pickup is scheduled and package is taken to the local post office.

Which form needs to be filled out?

For shipments which are shipped using the Global Express Guarantee:

The GXG International Air Waybill needs to be filled for this package.

The Commercial Invoice PS form 6182 needs to be filled, if the shipment needs to be mailed to certain destinations

One must check the guide for Global Express Guarantee for different countries.

The custom form needs to be created using the Click – NShip.

Does one need a custom form for packages going to an APO/FPO/DPO?

A custom form is needed, if the shipment is required to be posted to military bases and embassies.

Sending International Packages and Mails

This portion will entail what are the tips and requirements one needs to follow, when shipping an international mail. These tips will help save money and it help in delivering your package on time.

Step 1: One must check restrictions or prohibitions which can apply in some countries, check them before you ship a package.

Step 2: One must check the required weight or size and it can fit through auto machine processing equipment, if it is not cleared, you must be required to pay some kind of fees and will be a hefty amount in addition to the shipping cost.

Step 3: One must write an address to the package which is required to be shipped and it must be in correct spots, otherwise, it will be returned to you and will not be delivered.

Step 4: One must fill the custom forms and attach the correct label to the country where you want the package to be shipped.

Step 5: One must choose a reliable and low cost shipping service based on your requirements and weight and specifications which can be allowed such as First class Mail service, Global Express guaranteed and Airmail bags.

Step 6: One must calculate the cost and apply the correct postage stamp so that the package could arrive on time. Shipping costs depends on several factors. One must enter the information of one’s package into the package calculator of the USPS shipping service and you will get the information of the entire cost of shipping according to the country entered.

Step 7: One can now send one’s shipment according to the size of the shipping box and how one is paying for the postage of the shipment. Small packages can be dropped off in a blue collection box near your local post office.

Shipping Military and Diplomatic Mail

Free military kits are provided by USPS and help is provided to fill custom forms, tips to enter addresses which are supposed to reach cantonments and embassies.

USPS also provides a free package pickup, when the shipment reaches the camp or embassy.

The USPS service for delivering one’s shipment must depend on the speed, weight and other requirements so that one can choose the best service and deliver one’s shipment on time to the correct destination.

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