About 007EX Courier


007EX is a Russian courier and logistics company focused on deliveries from e-commerce companies like Alibaba. They are mainly present in Russia and Kazakhstan, and they usually import e-commerce goods from China. Usually your goods are shipped from China through various dealers and sellers. They provide customs clearance and logistics services for these goods. Their biggest customers are websites like Alibaba, Gear Best, and eBay. In addition, they also provide their services within Russia.


The delivery time within Russia can be 3 to 10 days, while deliveries from China can take 15 to 40 days. Your company provides supply chain services for these shipments and deliveries and operates mainly as a B2B business model. They also provide the warehouse and express distribution services required for these tasks.



007EX is mainly based in Russia. Besides providing their services to the country of Russia, they also act as a service provider for e-commerce sites in their own country and those based in China. They offer these companies both supply chain solutions and logistics solutions such as storage and express distribution. According to a strict B2B business model, they can deliver parcels within 3 to 10 days within Russia. A package from China can take between 15 and 40 days, depending on the means of transport chosen and the remoteness of the two regions. They also offer customs clearance services exclusively for the country of Russia. And this is how your company works every day.



Unfortunately, we have no idea how much 007EX is charging to provide their services as it is a pure B2B model company that only provides its services to e-commerce companies. However, our team is working to get the prices from their management for your information. Please wait patiently while we update it here. Until then, if you are considering a specific shipment order or simply want to check it as a logistics partner, you are welcome to contact them personally and ask.

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